As noted earlier, WWE has posted another storyline interview by Michael Cole with Triple H. During the interview, Triple H discussed Dustin Rhodes losing to Randy Orton this past Monday night on RAW, and said that Rhodes "couldn't do the job against the WWE Champion." He also said that he may have went overboard with Edge on RAW and explained why he was inviting him to SmackDown. He also said that he was trying to help The Big Show since they have been friends for over 20 years, and revealed that Big Show would be punished for his actions this past Monday night.

"Unfortunately, he's a locker room leader," Triple H said. "I've gotta make an example of that, because if I don't, I am letting the locker room know that it is OK to run rampant here, and it's not, this is a business. We expect people to act professionally. So I'm very disappointed in The Big Show as a professional, and personally [for] not standing up for what's right for his family

"He definitely will be punished," The Game continued. "This Friday night on SmackDown, Big Show has a lot of explaining to do. I'm not sure I know what I'm going to do yet, but there will be ramifications... I have to do what's right for the locker room."

You can watch the entire interview at by clicking here. You can also check out spoilers for Friday's episode of SmackDown at this link.

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