TNA IMPACT: 'No Surrender' Results: Bully Ray Defends Against Mr. Anderson, BFG Series Winner

Anderson fights back with strikes but Bully takes his head off with a clothesline from hell. Bully grabs his chain and clocks Anderson with it. Anderson is juicing from the forehead but gets up before the count of 10. Anderson stumbles in the corner as Bully spears him through the table. Hebner gets to 10 as Bully Ray threatens Anderson with a chard of table to stay down. Anderson is passed out so he didn't stay down out of fear from the piece of table.

Winner And Still TNA World Champion: Bully Ray

- Paramedics put a brace on Anderson's neck and put him on a stretcher. Bully turns the stretcher over on the ramp and rips off the neck brace. Bully takes off Anderson's vest and beats him with it. Bully hits a piledriver on the ramp. Yes, you read that right. A piledriver. To Bully's credit, he telegraphed it and leaned back slowly, staying on his feet until the last possible second before falling on his butt.

- ODB cuts a promo in the back about becoming the Knockouts Champion next week.

- James Storm and Gunner are in the ring. Storm cuts a promo with a beer in hand. He says as much as he wants to just drink tonight, Gunner wants to fight, so they are going to do both. He issues a challenge which is answered by Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo cuts a promo on them and wants them to put the titles on the line. Gunner accepts for next week. He says if they win, they might get that title shot.

- Magnus comes to the ring for our main event and BFG Finals match. AJ Styles does his full entrance with the music switch but he doesn't "transform." Borash handles the formal ring introductions.

BFG Series Final: Magnus vs. AJ Styles

Back and forth as they try to get the offensive. AJ holds on tight to a side headlock. Magnus hits a side suplex to escape. Magnus hits a back bodydrop and covers AJ for a 1 count. AJ drop toe-holds a charging Magnus to the turnbuckle and drives shoulders to Magnus' midsection. AJ misses with a flying knee on the canvas. AJ with a small package for 2. Kazarian and Daniels enter the ring and attack AJ and Magnus. Roode shows up too. They lay out AJ and Magnus as referees try to restore order.

Back from a break as AJ and Magnus exchange blows in the center of the ring. Order has been restored. AJ goes on a flurry. AJ springboards but Magnus catches him in mid-air with an uppercut a la Cesaro. Magnus drives AJ to the mat with a sit-down slam for 2. Magnus goes for a Cloverleaf but AJ puts him in a triangle. The ref counts AJ's shoulders. Magnus powers AJ up, AJ hits the Pele for 2. AJ applies the Calf Killer. Magnus reaches for the ropes and makes it. AJ leaps with a clothesline in the corner. Magnus powers him down with a spinebuster for 2.

AJ knocks Magnus off the top and hits the Spinal Tap corkscrew 450 Splash for the win.

Winner by pin of the 2013 Bound for Glory Series: AJ Styles

- AJ grabs a mic and says he said he was going to do it and he did it in St. Louis. He thanks everyone. He says regarding his comments a couple of weeks ago, that Dixie didn't even text or tweet him and we all know how much she likes to tweet. He says he has more dirty laundry to air out and Dixie better be here next week because he saved the biggest bomb for last.

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