Re-Post: TNA IMPACT 'No Surrender' Results With Video

BFG Series Finals: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode

The action spills to the floor with Roode in control. Roode sends Magnus back in and works him over. Roode hits a side suplex for 2. Another suplex for 2. Clothesline from Roode for 2. Magnus fights up from a side headlock. Magnus explodes with a clothesline. Magnus catches Roode off the 2nd buckle and slams Roode for 2. Roode hits a spinebuster for another near fall. Magnus drops Roode from up top with a front suplex and follows with an elbow for 2. More back and forth. Magnus applies the Texas Cloverleaf. Roode gets to the ropes. Magnus hits a double leg takedown and flips over with a pin and gets it.

Winner by pin And BFG Finalist: Magnus

- Back from a break. Roode is throwing chairs in the back. Daniels and Kazarian try to calm him down. Roode says this is all Hogan's fault. Roode says if they aren't going to the finals, then nobody is.

- Hulk Hogan gives TJ Perkins a pep talk in his office. He says TJ reminds him of himself when he would "Hulk-up." TJ says he wants Hardy. Dixie Carter interrupts and wants a minute with Hogan. She says she got a call from Bellator's attorneys and they are pulling Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson from their show. Hogan has no problem with it.

- Bully reacts in the back. He says he can't believe what has happened to their club. He talks to the remaining three members. He says he thinks they are happy and they want Anderson to win. Wes, Garret, and Knux just listen.

- We go to a video package for Aces & 8's and their history with Mr. Anderson.

- Mr. Anderson is introduced to the ring followed by Bully Ray. The music just keeps playing for both entrances. Anderson attacks Bully on the ramp and the bell rings before they get to the ring.

Last Man Standing World Championship Match: Bully Ray (c) vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson tosses Bully to the floor and Bully pulls Christy Hemme in front of him for protection. She is half naked. They go back and forth at ringside. Bully rakes the eyes of Anderson. Bully takes over and sends Anderson into the furniture. Bully continues to strike Anderson. Bully grabs a chair but Anderson kicks him in the gut. Anderson smashes the chair to Bully's back. Anderson clubs Bully and sends him inside the ring and brings the chair in. Anderson does a front rolling senton with Bully on his shoulders. Anderson tells himself to get the tables and pulls one out from under the ring. Bully connects with a boot to the face of Anderson in the ring and hits him with the chair in the back.

Back from a commercial. Bully has set up a table in the corner and is still wielding the chair. Bully and Earl Hebner have words and Bully shoves him from behind and lays him out. Mr. Anderson ducks a boot and hits the Mic Check to Bully on the chair. Anderson tries to wake the ref up but can't. Anderson lifts Bully up; Bully hits him with an RKO on the chair. Wes, Garret, and Knux come to the ring and get in. They pick Anderson up; Brooke comes from behind with a low-blow to Anderson and kisses Bully in the corner. Bully orders them to "do it now." They deliver a triple powerbomb to Anderson. Bully revives Earl and he begins to count. Anderson uses the ropes to get up by the count of 9.

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