Jerry "The King" Lawler appeared on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show and discussed his career, how he became a commentator, the best promos in the business and more. During the episode, Lawler also discussed his heart attack on RAW last year. Lawler had wrestled in a tag match earlier that night where he teamed with Randy Orton and faced CM Punk and Dolph Zigger. Lawler noted that a series of elbows from Ziggler during the match were a "partial cause" of his attack.

During that match, Ziggler, who Lawler called "an amazing young talent," did a spot where he dropped ten straight elbows on Lawler's chest. Lawler said that Ziggler was landing with all of his weight, and joked that he remembered thinking, "jeez, this guy's trying to kill me."

Lawler went back to commentary and collapsed at the announcers table during the next match. Lawler said that he remembered watching the match and blinking his eyes, and it was "literally two days later."

"Honestly, and I talked to my cardiologist about it, and he said, 'absolutely, the trauma to my chest from those elbows could have been hard enough to knock your heart out of rhythm,'" Lawler said. "It would start slowly, and then get more and more and more out of rhythm until it just seized up."

Lawler noted that he's feeling 100% now and wants to talk to Vince McMahon about having "a match or two on RAW" again. You can download and listen to the full episode at this link.

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