Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

- The intro runs and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The Big Show's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. We see footage of the closing moments from RAW. Big Show reads from a statement. He apologizes for his abhorrent behavior on Monday. He gets a sea of boos. He apologizes to HHH for not doing the simple job he was asked. He continues that he set a poor example as a locker room leader and also says sorry to the fans for letting them down. HHH's music hits.

Hunter stands on the stage and welcomes us to the show. He thanks Show for his apology but he doesn't feel it was sincere. He says he just needs Show to be professional. He says when the COO asks you to do something, you do it or it is grounds for dismissal. He says he is going to suspend Show for the night without pay. He tells the fans that this is a big deal because Show is broke. He motions for Show to get out of the ring. Show goes to step over the top rope as The Shield's music hits and the trio makes its way down, surrounding the ring.

The Shield jumps on Big Show and gets him down on his knees but he fights them off. Ambrose knocks Show out of the ring with a dropkick. Show stands on the announce table and uses it as higher ground. Roman Reigns hits Show with a chair in the leg but Show punches the chair on the second try. Show tosses Ambrose and Rollins off him and spears Reigns from the table. Show gets a loud chant and tosses Reigns in the ring. Rollins comes off the top and Show swats him down like a fly. Show goes for a KO to Seth but Roman Reigns hits him with a chair from behind.

Reigns unloads with repeated chairs to the back and lays Show out on the mat. Ambrose and Rollins pick Show up for the triple powerbomb with Reigns. The Shield stands over their prey.

- Cole will interview Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel tonight.

- We are back from a break as AJ skips to ringside. Divas are already in the ring. AJ joins commentary.

Brie Bella, Naomi, & Natalya vs. Alicia Fox, Aksana, & Layla

JoJo, Cameron, and the other Bella are at ringside with Eva Marie. AJ continues to comment on the state of the Divas division and reality TV. Back and forth from the ladies. Natalya tags in against Aksana to a pop from the fans. AJ jumps in the ring and Natalya tosses her aside. The bell rings. AJ gets surrounded; she swings but Bella his her with a faceplant. Naomi takes AJ's head off with a leaping leg lariat. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter but Layla, Aksana, and Alicia Fox pull AJ out of the ring.

Winners by disqualification: Natalya, Brie Bella, & Naomi

- SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero is on her way out with an announcement.

Back from a commercial as Vickie introduces Dancing with the WWE Superstars. She brings out the first contestant, R-Truth. JBL annoyingly responds to his "What's Up?" over and over. The next contestant is Faandaango. The Miz interrupts with an afro wig and bell bottoms. He says tonight he is Mizco Inferno. He borrows a sequined pink jacket from a fan at ringside and puts it on. Vickie is ready to start as The Great Khali's music hits. He comes down and says he wants to dance. Vickie says the more the merrier. Truth does some breaking. Faandaango and Summer Rae do their usual thing. Cole spills the beans about the gimmick and says he's not even doing anything. Mizco Inferno twerks on the ropes to some booty shaking music. The crowd seems to like it. Khali does his usual thing. Vickie goes down the line for fan reactions. Faandaango gets booed heavily. The other gets decent cheers. Miz wins.

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