This episode of SmackDown hailed from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and was the second appearance of the week from former 11-time world heavyweight champion, Edge. His show, the "Cutting Edge," had both champion (Randy Orton) and challenger (Daniel Bryan) for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions.

The initial segment of Big Show reading the apology, followed by Triple H suspending him for the night and the Shield attacking him was much better than the segments we have seen over the past few weeks. Not only did it end the confusion for at least a night of why he and Daniel Bryan are best friends all of a sudden, but it showed a more aggressive part of Show that he always should have. Warding off the Shield before getting triple powerbombed also kept him some dignity.

Naomi/Natalya/Brie Bella vs. Layla/Aksana/Alicia Fox was just another attempt to build up the Divas match for the PPV. Like I said before, it is a bit convoluted, but at least it is giving the other Divas outside the Total Divas show some exposure.

The Dancing with the Superstars segment was hilarious. Definitely a comic relief that gave the midcarders a time to shine. Funny parody of Disco Inferno, R-Truth doing his same dance moves, Fandango being the odd ball out and the Great Khali looking oddly amusing. Memorable segment, and was a good idea to lighten up the intensity of the current storylines.

The Ryback interview with ROH's R.D. Evans was good for Evans, I suppose, due to him getting some mainstream exposure. Even if he was bullied by Ryback. I still wonder what the purpose of Ryback is in the WWE right now. He has no direction, and although his "The Big Guy" persona garners a few chuckles, it really has no purpose.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez was a decent match. Rodriguez is actually a good wrestler who has some experience in the business, but the WWE makes him such a spot monkey that it is hard to see. I still do not see Rodriguez's alliance with RVD lasting long, though. Likely, he will turn on RVD and reunite with ADR at Night of Champions.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose was basically a teaser for Night of Champions. This match has the ability to be one of the best matches of the night, but I highly doubt that Ziggler will capture the title since he has been depushed lately. It would benefit him, though, on his quest to be a top babyface. Certainly the title on Ziggler would be better than the current status of the title, hardly being defended.

The Cutting Edge segment between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan was a good way for the WWE Universe to anticipate the match. However, Daniel Bryan getting the upper hand at the end after being on his back at the end of so many shows may not be a good thing. In fact, it could foreshadow Bryan losing to Orton. They have not built Bryan up strong enough during this feud yet, so there is a very strong chance that it will be extended past the PPV. Especially with both John Cena and Sheamus out, as well as Christian recovering from a concussion.

(I thought about the Triple H dried ice incident at WrestleMania when this happened)

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