Source: The Star Online

The Star Online recently spoke with Booker T when he made an appearance in Malaysia earlier this month. Here are a couple of highlights from the interview:

Daniel Bryan: "You look at a guy like Daniel Bryan, someone who is totally not the face of WWE, but who went out and proved through hard work, that anybody has a chance. And him not being the biggest guy, only five nine and 200 pounds, he proved that you can go out and entertain without being a musclebound guy. You could be an average joe and go out there and make people believe in you. He gives hope. For those who wondered if there would ever be another Dusty Rhodes, a guy who came out and created his own style and character, as opposed to WWE creating that guy, Daniel Bryan is the future of the wrestling business."

MMA Stars like Rampage Jackson joining pro wrestling: "Those guys are just coming in to get a paycheque. They're not coming in to be in the main event at WrestleMania or to make the fans feel like they got the best form of entertainment. They're not going to go out there and do Shakespeare and Romeo And Juliet, like we do. Most of those guys are in it for the paycheque. So more power to them (laughs)."

Brock Lesnar: "For Brock Lesnar, he has a background in wrestling. So MMA is a perfect fit for him. He tried to play football in the NFL but that wasn't his environment. Ken Shamrock really is a tough guy. And he was in Pancrase (a mixed martial arts promotion founded in Japan in the 1990s). So he was doing professional wrestling and MMA at the same time. Those guys are true, bona fide tough guys and more props to them."

Booker T also discussed injuries, if MMA has taken some of WWE's spotlight, his graphic novel, acting in movies and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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