Total Divas Recap: Nikki Meets John Cena's Family, Nattie And TJ Marry, Jo Jo And Eva Split

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The mid-season finale opens up with a recap of last week's episode. Then, things head to Nattie and TJ's house in Tampa. Nattie says that she needs to get on top of the wedding or it's never going to happen thanks to how busy she is. Then, Nattie's family shows up. Nattie's mom brings an ugly, cream colored dress she wants Nattie to wear, but Nattie already picked a dress. Nattie tries it on and her sister thinks it's hideous. Nattie doesn't like it and doesn't want to hurt her mom, but she has to tell her she isn't going to wear it.

Then, things go to Orlando and a recap of the opening of the Performance Center is shown. The talent lady says they're going to have the opportunity to bring one or two girls up and the Bella's are worried. Then, the talent lady tells Jo Jo and Eva to be ready because they will need people soon. She then tells them that they will need valets on RAW and Jo Jo expresses jealousy over Eva.

Then, Nikki is shown at Cena's house and Cena wants to talk to her. He says that his whole family is getting together and he wants her to come and meet them. She is excited about it. Then, Cena tells her that the get together is the same day as Nattie's wedding. Nikki is conflicted because she doesn't want to miss Nattie's wedding.

Back from commercial and the divas are backstage at RAW. The talent guy comes up and gives them a run down of stuff that is going to happen tonight. He picks Eva to valet with Nattie and Jo Jo is upset. Eva says she has to downplay her excitement because of Jo Jo. The Funkadactyls try and make Jo Jo feel better.

Nikki pulls Nattie aside and to tell her that she is going to meet Cena's family instead of attending her wedding. Nattie is hurt and she says it blows her mind because she'd never do that to someone. Nikki says it hurts her heart. Nattie says they will talk about it later, but thanks her for telling her.

Then, Eva walks up to Jo Jo in the back and greets her, but Jo Jo ignores her. Jo Jo is being short and snappy with her and Eva tries to question her about it. Eva eventually leaves.

Back from commercial and Nattie is talking to Brie. She says she is trying to fight back tears that Nikki chose to meet John's family. Brie tells her that it's the biggest day of her life and just to think about herself and TJ. Brie tells her just to worry about herself and to f*** everyone else. Brie tells her during the reception, Nattie can put her in a sharpshooter.

Then, the Bellas and Jo Jo are shown watching Eva and Nattie come out during RAW. Eva says she can't believe this is her life right now. Clips from Nattie's match against Trinity are shown. After the match, Eva and Nattie come back and talk to the Bellas and Jo Jo about it.

Next, Nikki is shown getting into the bus with Cena to go to the airport to meet his family. Nikki says she is nervous because she doesn't want to let John down.

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