Total Divas Recap: Nikki Meets John Cena's Family, Nattie And TJ Marry, Jo Jo And Eva Split

Stuff heads to Trinity's hotel room. She calls Jon on the phone and talks to him. Then, Ariane calls her and tells her that her stomach hurts way bad. She sounds really pained. Trinity goes to help her and thinks that something is really wrong. Trinity arrives at Ariane's hotel room and Ariane is doubled over in pain. Ariane is crying. Trinity calls an ambulance to help her. Trinity says she doesn't want to be responsible for her best friend dying in some random town.

The medical people arrive and question her. They load Ariane on the stretcher and take her to the ambulance. Trinity is shown running to her car.

Back from commercial and six hours later, Ariane and Trinity are getting into a car. Ariane had a 90 percent chance of endometriosis. They talk about it in the car for a little bit.

Then, Eva shows up for an NXT taping. Jo Jo is there and Eva asks to talk to her outside. Jo Jo is still standoffish. Eva asks what the deal is and Jo Jo says it's always been a competition. Jo Jo basically says that she doesn't support her because she wants to be where Eva is. Eva says they need to stop living and training together if Jo Jo is going to be like that. Jo Jo says fine and storms away angrily.

Next, it's Nattie's wedding day. She leaves to go get her hair and makeup done. Brie and Trinity arrive. Nattie tells them that her flirty friend Jaret is coming to the wedding. She says she wants to get through the night without any tension. Then, Nattie is told that the weather is getting bad and it starts raining. It will ruin the wedding if it's done outside. Nattie is frustrated and talks about how it stinks because she wants a beach wedding. Jaret then arrives.

Back from commercial and it's one hour until Nattie's wedding. Nattie says she needs to not let the fact that there won't be a beach wedding ruin the day. Eva and Jo Jo arrive at the wedding and Eva says they are putting their feelings aside for the wedding. Then, Vinny and Ariane arrive. Eva says she is surprised to see Vinny. Ariane says her and Vinny got back together and a flashback is shown of Vinny approaching her about the hospital.

Stuff heads to West Newbury, MA. John Cena and Nikki arrive to for Nikki to meet all of John's family. They all eat dinner. Nikki says that John's family is way funny and she is having lots of fun. John's brother (I think) does a Stewie Griffin impression. Nikki says she feels she made the right decision, but she still feels bad about missing Nattie's wedding.

Back to Nattie's wedding and it's 30 minutes until the ceremony. Jaret shows up and shakes TJ's hand. Jaret talks about how he and Nattie saw each other in Calgary. Everyone looks around all awkwardly. TJ asks to talk to Jaret outside and asks him about why he and Nattie have been in contact.

TJ goes to talk to Nattie. Nattie says he ruined everything about the traditional wedding. TJ says he's angry.

Back from commercial and TJ confronts Nattie about her being in contact with Jaret. Nattie says she might have just ruined the wedding. Then, Damien Sandow is shown saying the wedding is about to happen and Nattie doesn't come down the stairs.

Back up to Nattie's room and she tells the truth about Jaret and that she told him that she wants to be with TJ. Then, Nattie says sorry to TJ and they make up and say they love each other. The wedding is then shown. She holds her cat as she walks down the aisle.

Back from commercial and it's Nattie's reception. Nattie and TJ's first dance is shown. Nikki calls Brie on the phone and Nikki wants to talk to Nattie. Nikki apologizes. Nattie says it means a lot to her that Nikki called because she is stubborn. Nattie says that Nikki is a great friend and that she accepts her apology. Brie catches the bouquet and Daniel Bryan gets a hilarious look on his face. Then, TJ shows a video he made of in ring clips from their careers. Nattie says she can't imagine spending her life with anyone besides TJ.

Stuff heads back to Nikki and Cena. Nikki talks about their how their relationship has been great. John asks her to move in with him. She asks if he really wants that and he says yes. Nikki says she has always had a rule about being engaged before living with someone, but she decides to break the rule and move in with Cena. She says that she's always dreamed about being with someone like John.

Then, clips from when Total Divas returns in November are shown to end the show.

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