ROH TV Recap: Jay Lethal Vs. Adam Cole, Kevin Steen Vs. Brian Kendrick, Taven Vs. Strong

They exchange forearms. Steen comes out on top and hits a big clothesline. Steen lands a pump handle neckbreaker. He clubs Kendrick's back against the ropes. Steen charges Kendrick in the corner. Kendrick moves and hits a kick to the head. Kendrick tries to pick up Steen on his shoulders, but isn't able to. He charges Steen. Steen puts an elbow up and climbs up top. Kendrick grabs Steen off and hits a Death Valley Driver. Steen heads to the apron and Kendrick tries to Suplex him into the ring, to no avail.

Kendrick charges Steen, who puts his shoulder down. Steen Sunset flips into the ring and tries to lock in a Sharpshooter. Kendrick doesn't let him. Steen slingshots Kendrick into the corner and Kendrick lands on the second turnbuckle. He kicks Steen and leaps off, hitting Steen with a tornado DDT. Kendrick goes for sliced bread #2 again, and Steen counters into the F-Cinq for a near pin fall. Steen goes for a package pile driver, but Kendrick counters with a Superkick. Steen rebounds quickly with a sleeper Suplex.

Steen goes for the cannonball senton, but Kendrick pulls the ref in front of him. Then, I believe Kendrick hits a low blow (the camera angel was weird). Steen lands a big chokeslam, followed by the cannonball senton. Steen locks in the Sharpshooter and Kendrick taps.

Winner: Kevin Steen

ROH World Championship Tournament
Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole

They adhere to the Code of Honor and lock up. They chain wrestle. Cole locks in a side headlock on the mat. Lethal gets to his feet and Cole gets a shoulder knockdown. They go back and forth and Cole hits a side headlock takeover. Lethal gets to his feet and backs to the corner, forcing the break. They exchange pin attempts and Cole hits another side headlock takeover. Lethal gets to his feet again, but Cole drives him to his knees. Lethal gets to his feet and hits a dropkick to Cole's head on the mat.

Lethal hits a backbreaker. Lethal slams Cole's head into the corner and chops him multiple times. They exchange strikes. Lethal hits a belly to back Suplex. He locks in a rear chin lock on Cole. Cole fights out and lands a leaping neckbreaker. Back from commercial and Cole tries to hit Lethal with an enziguri from the outside. Lethal dodges and kicks Cole to the floor. He dives through the center rope and takes Cole out.

They head back inside and exchange strikes. Cole comes out on top and hits a backbreaker. Cole goes up top and Lethal strikes him. Lethal climbs up too and they hit back and forth. Cole Sunset flips Lethal off and lands a Shining Wizard for a near pin fall. Cole goes for a vertical Suplex, but Lethal counters into the Lethal Combination. Lethal signals for Hail to the King. He goes up top and Cole strikes him. Cole climbs up and tries for a superplex. Lethal headbutts him off. Lethal leaps off for a missile dropkick, but Cole counters into a small package.

Lethal tries for Lethal Injection, but Cole hits a Superkick mid move. Cole goes for another Superkick, but Lethal catches his leg. Cole comes back with an enziguri. Lethal counters with a Superkick. Cole tries for a submission, but Lethal kicks him off and hits another Superkick. Lethal climbs up top and hits Hail to the King for a near pin fall. Cole plays possum and hits a Superkick. He tries for the Florida Key, but Lethal reverses. Cole hits a Superkick to the back of the head. Lethal hits Lethal Injection for a near pin fall.

Lethal sets Cole up top and follows. Cole slips out and Superkicks the back of Lethal's leg, crotching him on the top turnbuckle. Cole climbs up, tosses Lethal off, hits a Superkick to Lethal's head and lands the Florida Key for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

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