Chris Jericho Talks Daniel Bryan Angle Being Based On Reality, What TNA Is Doing Wrong, Much More

"I knew the moment Daniel Bryan walked through the door, he was going to get over. He did it before! 'Just because you got over in some bingo hall in Philly', it doesn't matter you still got over in front of the hardest fans to get over in front of. A lot of the guys don't have that so how does Ryback get over? That's up to Ryback to figure out and try. Not everybody is going to make it into the Hall of Fame. That's the hard culture of live. You have to have some wear-with-all in yourself to get there with Steve Austin being the perfect example of that. There is nothing worse when 'You have the best match on the best show in the world. I can sing every note clean and be perfectly in tune' and if the crowd is dead, I failed! 'I can have the perfect match, everything is graceful, and everything is cool' and if the crowd is dead, you failed! 'You can have a crappy match, screw-up everything, botch everything, hit a hundred clams vocally at a live show' and if the crowd is going nuts, who cares! David Lee Roth never had a good show in 1985 but you always remember Van Halen at their peak then. He missed all his notes, forgot his lyrics and he didn't care, it's live and all that matters is connecting with the crowd. Ryback needs to connect with the crowd and he will. He's not a big dumb idiot. He's a very smart, receptive, thoughtful and perspective and he will get it. You just need to learn who you are as a performer, what you need to do to make it work and stay within that wheelhouse."

What TNA is doing wrong: "It's hard to be the number two company in such a small market as far as wrestling fans. I mean there are ten million wrestling fans across the states. If you want a fast food burger and there's a McDonalds and Arthur's Burgers and Arthurs Burgers is the best and everyone tells you it's the best. McDonalds is what we know, let's go here. WWE is the name of pro wrestling. TNA wrestling is already behind the eight ball so they would have to do something completely different the way that ECW did in 1994 and 1995. But there is nothing different anymore because everything has been seen or done. One of things is that it just comes across as a retread. When I turn on and I see (Eric) Bischoff or (Hulk) Hogan or Sting in this day and age, you automatically think that this is the old guy's league. No matter what they do, they still relay on those guys. The only way TNA can do it is if they came up with some new guys that just popped huge that didn't come from WWE. All of their main guys came from WWE like Jeff Hardy, (Kurt) Angle, Bubba (Ray Dudley), they are great performers. Bubba is doing the best work of his career right now but still, he is Bubba Ray Dudley and he is always going to be that. You need to get a guy that comes out of nowhere that maybe gets turned down by the WWE Performance Center because they didn't like his look and suddenly he becomes the next Rey Mysterio or the next John Cena or the next Mick Foley or somebody that changes the way things go but also, you need to get the eyeballs attracted to that guy so you can make it roll. It's a tough position to be in. I don't envy what they are doing and they don't take a lot of chances. I don't watch the show but the Bound for Glory and he's got eighteen points and he's got fifteen points and it's a twelve week tournament and it's like who has time to follow this stuff. When I watch wrestling, I don't want to think. I just want to enjoy it, I don't want to do mathematical equations and figure it out. If there is a Round Robin and here are your brackets and I get it. But if you win, if you get disqualified, if you get five points or twelve points, I don't get it. I'll just put on Seinfeld instead."

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