Source: New Strait Times

New Strait Times spoke with Booker T during his recent appearance in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month. Here are a couple of highlights from the interview:

If it is harder to break into the business today: "Back then you had territories and the WCW, and you went to Japan for training. Wrestlers learnt from a different perspective as well. Previously, if you couldn't perform, you don't get a job. Now, most of the guys are being manufactured and they think about breaking away from the pack and becoming someone special. Guys like Dean Ambrose are different from other wrestlers. The thing is, you need to take those same moves and personalize them."

The most promising WWE Superstar: "Daniel Bryan is not the face of WWE but he has proved that everybody has a fair chance (to compete). He's about 178cm and weighs 95kg. He proves you don't need to be a muscle-bound guy to wrestle.

"In fact, you can be an average Joe and go out and make people believe in you. He gives hope for those who want to be a champion. He's that sort of guy who (literally) comes out of the dusty road and creates his own style and character instead of waiting for the WWE to create his style. He is the future of professional wrestling."

Booker also discussing being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, his toughest opponent, making a comeback, if he misses wrestling and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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