Matt Striker Talks Being Outed As A Wrestler While Teaching, Signing With WWE, Working WM, ECW

Striker: Yeah, the credit there goes to the creativity of Court Bauer and Tommy Dreamer, as well as the ability to capitalize the vision from Vince McMahon. Let's bring the kid in. He's hot right now. We're local. We're in New Jersey this week. He's from New York, maybe we can get 15 minutes of fame out of him and that turned into eight years.

Wrestling INC: I know everyone hopes, but did you foresee your career going that long when you signed?

Striker: I subscribe to the saying, "if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans." I never really walked in and said, "okay, I'm going to do this for five years, then I'm going to go do that." Everyday was a gift. Today's a gift, that's why it's called the present. That's how I looked at it. Every single day was like wow, how can I be the best that I can be today?

Wrestling INC: So you started off as a wrestler, and it seemed like in 2008 was kind of when they started transitioning you away from the ring, when they started having you manage Big Daddy V. How did they approach that to you?

Striker: I think they wanted to repackage Viscera and they wanted somebody to be his mouthpiece. Vis and I always got along well and everyone knew that I could talk and be antagonistic, surprisingly, so they gave it a shot. Let's see how this works out. And the first time they threw us out there together, Vis is a great pro, it went on like water. It was perfect. From there, we just began to run together.

Wrestling INC: Were you bummed out at all about moving away from a non wrestling role?

Striker: No, because it was never said alright, you're now a manager. Alright, you're now a commentator. It was just like okay, you'll be managing Big Daddy V on these live events. I always brought my boots. I always brought my trunks, but I also always brought a suit. I always brought my brain. I always brought a pencil. I always brought my ear piece. "What is it I can do for you today, Vince? Oh, you want me to go do that? Okay cool."

Wrestling INC: How did you end up getting the commentary gig on ECW?

Striker: Someone had left, either Mick Foley or Tazz had left or moved to a different show and every Monday morning at the building, they have a production meeting and they address the things that are needed for the next two days of television and they needed a commentator. They needed a hundred things, but Joey Styles raised his hand and said, "listen, I know Matt Striker. I know he'd be good at it. Why don't we give him a shot? We'll try him this week." And obviously they wanted to move on to their next bigger problem, but one week turned into however long because either they forgot about me or I guess I was doing okay enough job.

Wrestling INC: Yeah. So did they give you any kind of training at all before you stepped on?

Striker: No. A lot of it was just kind of guidelines, not really training. A little known secret, I've been doing commentary since I was seven years old, just in life in general, but mainly with my wrestling figures and different things I see. A game I still play to this day is if I'm sitting in an airport, or I'm sitting somewhere, and I'm far away from people, you can see me talking to myself. I'm doing commentary based on what I see. I make up stories for people at the gate if they're engaged, if they're mad. I do it all the time just to entertain myself. So no training was needed.

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