WWE NXT Recap: 8 Man Tag Team Match, Zayn Vs. Hawkins, Aiden English Vs. Michael Cuellari

Graves hits Kruger with a dropkick and then hits an arm drag. He locks Kruger's arm back in. Kruger fights to his feet and knees Graves in the gut. Conor comes in and kicks Graves in the gut, in the corner multiple times. The crowd is chanting We Want Breeze! Kruger comes in and Conor holds Graves's arms behind his back. He hits Graves in the stomach and whips him to the corner. Kruger kicks and strikes Graves. Victor comes in.

Victor kicks Graves in the head. The crowd is chanting for Breeze again. Graves battles out of the corner, but Victor strikes him in the head. Kruger comes in. Victor holds back Graves's arms and Kruger chops him. He whips Graves into the corner and charges, but Graves dodges and tags in Woods. Woods hits several forearm strikes and a dropkick. Woods hits the Honor Roll and Kruger rolls out of the ring. The heels all confer with Kruger. Parker and Graves take Breeze and Victor out with baseball kicks, and Woods and Neville take Conor and Kruger out with dives.

Back from commercial and Victor is in control of Woods. His knee is in Xavier's back and he's pulling his arms back. Woods fights to his feet, but Victor hits several strikes. Kruger comes in and stomps Woods in the corner. Conor comes in and mule kicks Woods in the chest. Woods battles back with strikes, but Conor puts him down. Breeze comes in to a huge pop. He strikes Woods once and runs to his corner, tagging Kruger in.

Kruger locks in Woods's head in on the mat. Woods tries to crawl to his corner. Woods gets to his feet, but Kruger brings him back to the mat. The crowd chants We Want Breeze! Woods gets out of Kruger's hold, but Kruger kicks him in the gut. Breeze comes back in, to another big pop, and kicks Woods. He strikes Woods and drops a knee on Xavier's head. Woods fights back with a gut strike, and Breeze runs back to his corner, tagging in Conor. Conor locks in a leg scissors. He drags Woods to his corner and pulls Xavier's arm back. Breeze comes back in and goes for a vertical Suplex, but Woods reverses into his own Suplex.

Conor and Parker get tagged in. Parker lands head shots and a clothesline. He leaps and hits Conor with both knees in the corner, followed by a kick to the head. Victor stops the pin attempt. Graves goes to clothesline Victor out but falls out himself. He then pulls Victor out. Back in the ring, Conor slams Parker to the mat and Neville breaks up the pin attempt. Kruger tosses Neville out of the ring and follows him. Conor charges Parker in the corner. Parker moves, but Conor hits a flapjack.

Breeze tags himself in and gets a near fall on Parker. Parker slaps Breeze in the face. Breeze goes to his corner, but the other heels drop off the apron. They then leave up the ramp, leaving Breeze alone in the ring. Parker hits Breeze hard in the face with a palm strike. The crowd chants Not the Face! Xavier Woods comes in and hits Lost in the Woods. Graves comes in and hits his running chop block to the knee. Neville comes in and hits his corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winners: Xavier Woods, CJ Parker, Corey Graves and Adrian Neville

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