Matt Striker Talks Vince McMahon As A Boss, Booker T Replacing Him, TNA, Savage, His WWE Departure

Wrestling INC: Now during that time, you also hosted the Randy Savage DVD with Maria Kanellis, which I thought you guys did an excellent job on. But it was also the first, I think that's the only time they've ever done that for a DVD. They didn't interview any other superstars or Savage, who was alive at that time. Did they ever give you any reason for why they were doing it that way? I know there were lots of rumors, but I don't know if you ever heard anything directly.

Striker: I don't ask, "why, why are you doing this?" I say put the camera on, what would you like me to do? It wasn't my job to ask why. It was my job to say how can I be the best that I can be for you, for the WWE. I never asked why. Just do your job.

Wrestling INC: What are your thoughts on Macho Man not being in the Hall of Fame?

Striker: On my Twitter account, every so often I will post a list of about a dozen guys that are not in the Hall of Fame. You'd be surprised, surprised. I think off the top of my head Larry Zbyszko, Wahoo McDaniel, Stan Hansen, I think Haystack Calhoun, I mean there's a lot of guys that aren't in it. But so Randy Savage not being in it, it's something to look forward to. Do I subscribe to all the rumors and why? That's none of my business. I don't care. All I care about is that there's something to look forward to.

Wrestling INC: After hosting the DVD, did you ever manage to have a conversation with Randy?

Striker: I never got to meet Randy Savage. I meet and speak with Lanny Poffo often, but never ever had the experience to talk with Randy Macho Man Savage. I would talk to him about his days in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league team more than anything else probably.

Wrestling INC: So what were you told when you were replaced on the Smackdown announce team? Did it seem like it was going to be a temporary thing or that they were just shifting things around?

Striker: The way that it was put to me by the executive producer was that Booker T was coming back and Tough Enough was airing, and it just makes sense to have Booker's presence on Smackdown to drive viewers towards Tough Enough. I understood that, that was good business. Then I sat back and I said you know something, look. Booker T has credentials that I will never have. JBL has credentials that I would never have. While I may be good at what I do, I'll never be able to provide the analysis that they can. I won't be able to analyze the way they can. So, from a business standpoint, from a fan standpoint, I said good move, WWE. I wasn't bitter. They didn't give me a time frame. They just told me look, Booker's coming back. Tough Enough needs this push. Thank you very much. Okay cool.

Wrestling INC: Did Booker ever talk to you about it?

Striker: Booker and I always got along very, very well, but once again. What's he supposed to do? Come over to me and say I'm sorry I took your spot? No. Not at all. It's because of the things Booker T has done in his career that a guy like me actually had a spot. So there was no reason for Book to come to me and try and address those things.

Wrestling INC: Do you know at all kind of what led to WWE not renewing your contract?

Striker: The way it was put to me was that the contract was expiring. They were hiring new announcers. They wanted to try and go in a different direction. Was there a part of me that wanted to grab the guy that told me by his head and DDT him on the desk several times? Yes. But, from a black and red, from a business stand point, not an nWo Wolfpac standpoint, I mean, I really wasn't doing anything. There was talk about me maybe managing someone or going back into wrestling, but nothing was really happening. If they could free up the money and move in a different direction with their announcers, I'm all for it. Would I have liked for someone from the wrestling side of the company to step up and say hang on, we can use Striker for something else. We can put him down in developmental. We can use him to help younger talent. We can use him for a million things, let's just keep him. Yes, that would have been nice. But, that wasn't how it worked.

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