WWE SmackDown Results: Daniel Bryan & Usos Vs. The Shield, Triple H Announces Title Match, More

Winner by pin: Santino Marella

Santino celebrates on the stage.

- Curtis Axel is pushing Paul Heyman in a wheelchair. They are on their way out along with Ryback.

- Stills are shown from the CM Punk match from Night of Champions.

Ryback vs. Nick Nardone (local wrestler)

Ryback and company come down to the ring as Lilian Garcia introduces everybody. Paul Heyman cuts a promo at the base of the ramp and introduces himself as the Best in the World. Axel is in a suit. Heyman says his hero is Ryback. Ryback says Punk is a bully. Ryback points to the ring and says he can't stand a bully. He says Heyman told him the guy in the ring refused to sign an autograph earlier and tried to intimidate the kid in the parking lot.

Cole wonders who would want this guy's autograph. Ryback says what he is going to do to this guy, is what he is going to do to CM Punk the next time he sees him. Ryback leg sweeps the guy on his face and then says he is sorry and offers to help him up. Nardone tries to go on a flurry buy Ryback hits him with a Meat Hook. Ryback hits his finisher for the win.

Winner by pin: Ryback

- Randy Orton is on the way to the ring and he doesn't look happy.

- Back from a commercial as Orton makes his entrance. Orton says Scott Armstrong and Daniel Bryan succeeded in stealing the WWE Title from him. Orton says it was his fault because for 2 years he has been suppressing who he really is because he thought that is what everyone wanted. He locked away the sadistic Viper. He says he ripped that door wide open on Monday when he made an example of Miz. We go to the video of Miz' beating in front of his parents. Orton says he is not looking to just win, he is going to massacre and end this war with Bryan. He says he will once again be "your... no not your, my WWE champion."

The Shield makes their way to the ring. Vickie has taken a seat at ringside.

11 on 3 Handicap Gauntlet Match

Darren Young is the first superstar out and he gets taken apart by The Shield. They set him up for a spear by Roman Reigns and Reigns pins him. Titus O'Neil is out next. He gets some offense in but Ambrose jumps on his back and Seth Rollins grabs his leg. Reigns hits a shoulderblock and they hit the triple powerbomb for the win. Dolph Ziggler runs down to the ring and hits a Thesz Press on Ambrose. Ziggler unloads on Reigns up top but the numbers game is too much. They take turns striking Ziggler as the other holds him.

Ziggler mounts some offense and goes on a flurry. Ziggler makes Roman fall out of the ring, clotheslines Ambrose out of the ring, and hits the Fame-asser on Rollins. Rollins kicks Ziggler in the face as Ambrose holds his leg and Ziggler falls to the floor. Reigns hits a vicious spear on the floor. Ziggler gets counted out. Kofi Kingston is out next. Kofi springs in the ring with a double crossbody on Ambrose and Rollins. Kofi starts to fly all over the place. He hits Trouble in Paradise on Reigns but Ambrose breaks the count. The Shield start to take Kofi apart. Ambrose drops Kofi on his head for the win.

Enter Rob Van Dam. The crowd comes alive. The trio pounces on RVD but he starts to take them apart with his signature spots. He catches Ambrose's leg and makes him kick Rollins. RVD kicks Roman in the face and Rolling Thunder on the other 2 at the same time. RVD goes up top as HHH's music hits. RVD is distracted and Reigns pushes him off to the floor. Hunter calls for the bell and confronts Vickie about what she is doing. He tells her to shut it down and demands that she come to his office.

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