Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

- A video package kicks off SmackDown with Triple H's interview about the finish for Night Of Champions and the end of RAW.

- Lilian Garcia introduces Vickie Guerrero who is in the ring. She wants to introduce "the laughing stock of the WWE." She mentions Bob Backlund and CM Punk's all-time title reigns and compares it to Daniel Bryan's. She introduces Bryan to the ring. Bryan says he would rather be champion one day than to be a corporate suck-up for his life. Vickie tells Bryan to tell the truth about being in cahoots with Scott Armstrong. Bryan says the truth is that he kneed Orton in the face and the ref could have counted to 20 because Orton was knocked out. He says he has no idea why Armstrong did what he did. Vickie says she hopes Bryan never becomes the face of WWE. Bryan says it's good she doesn't have any real power.

Vickie shows the pictures of all the superstars who ran in to save Bryan at the end of RAW. She makes a Handicap Gauntlet Match where each superstar will face The Shield until defeated. Bryan is part of the 11 superstars and Vickie says she is saving him for last. She gives an evil laugh in his face and leaves the ring. Bryan sells somber frustration on his face and Cole says things keep getting worse for Daniel Bryan.

- Naomi is in the ring after a break. Natalya is on commentary and Cameron is at ringside. Cole apologizes for Natalya's headset problems on Monday and Natalya says at least AJ isn't out here. AJ Lee makes her entrance and kisses her title. We get one of those old-school in-set promos from AJ. She says she will single-handedly defeat all the Divas.

AJ Lee vs. Naomi

Naomi's new gear is awesome. AJ tosses Naomi to the apron and she flips on her feet. Naomi springs off the ropes but AJ catches her with a kick in mid-air and gets 2. AJ with a reverse elbow for 2. Natalya tells Cole that the last time she faced AJ, Natalya won. I thought it was the other way around. Naomi lands a kick to AJ's head and gets 2. Naomi goes on a flurry and hits an atomic drop and a booty bump for 2. Naomi goes for a side slam but AJ transitions into the Black Widow and Naomi taps. Natalya says she did not tattoo the date she won the Diva's title because she is not crazy.

Winner by pin: AJ Lee

AJ and Natalya have a stare down as we go to break.

- We see footage of Santino's defeat of Antonio Cesaro from 2 weeks ago.

- Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger and Cesaro are in the ring. Colter cuts a promo on that "foreigner" Santino. Santino's music interrupts the last part of "We the People."

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger takes control and welcomes Santino to America. Swagger with knees to the gut in the corner. Santino does a cartwheel and a split to create some space. He wins with a backslide.

Winner by pin: Santino Marella

Santino celebrates on the stage.

- Curtis Axel is pushing Paul Heyman in a wheelchair. They are on their way out along with Ryback.

- Stills are shown from the CM Punk match from Night of Champions.

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