Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

- HHH scolds Vickie in his office. He is worried about a full-scale revolt. Vickie says she thought it was best for business. Hunter says what is best is "fair competition for these guys. They need to feel safe and in a competitive environment." He tells to go make Bryan & The Usos vs. The Shield.

- Michael Cole thinks it was odd HHH came out right as RVD was about to hit the 5-Star Frogsplash and possibly beat The Shield. JBL tells him he is paranoid.

- The RAW Rebound is shown of the Dusty Rhodes segment.

- HHH welcomes Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel in his office. He apologizes for the match Vickie made. Ryder says he was looking forward to some competition, bro; and slaps him on the back. Hunter sends them to the ring to await some healthy competition.

- Ryder and Gabriel are in the ring after a break. The Wyatt video interrupts their music. Cole says, "Note to Zack Ryder: Triple H doesn't like to be called bro." JBL chimes in with, "Or be slapped on the back."

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Justin Gabriel & Zack Ryder

Harper and Rowan make quick work of Ryder and Gabriel. Bray gets in the ring hits Sister Abigail on Ryder. Bray cuts a promo. He says when he makes a promise he keeps it. He says if they are going to keep lining them up, they are going to keep knocking them down... "all for Abigail."

Winners by pin: The Wyatt Family

- RVD is in the trainer's room and is banged up. Triple H enters and says he is sorry to RVD. He gives RVD a rematch against Alberto Del Rio for the World Title at Battleground. RVD perks up and looks happy and surprised as HHH leaves. Del Rio blindsides RVD with a vicious attack and lays him out with a kick to the head.

- Cole says it was odd that seconds after HHH left, Del Rio attacked. JBL doesn't agree. JBL chants along with R-Truth as he makes his entrance. Cole tells him to shut up and it is the first time I actually agree that it should be JBL and not Cole that needs to shut up. Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance.

Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

Truth starts off strong but Del Rio catches him with a backstabber and takes control. Del Rio bounces his boobs; Truth catches him with a heel kicks and builds momentum. Truth gets 2. Del Rio comes back with an Enzuigiri and gets 2. Truth slips out of the cross armbreaker and gets a near fall. Del Rio goes back to the armbreaker and Truth taps.

Winner by submission: Alberto Del Rio

- Back from a commercial. The Shield is in the ring awaiting Bryan and The Usos.

The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan & The Usos

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