Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

Bryan and Rollins start things off. Bryan unloads with Yes Kicks in the corner. Bryan catches Rollins in mid-air with an ankle lock and does the surfboard. One of the Usos tags in and gets 2 on Rollins. Rollins battles back and tags Ambrose. Uso hits a back bodydrop on Ambrose and tags his brother who hits a clothesline for 2. The other Uso tags back in and hits a snap mare on Ambrose. Some double teaming from the Usos. Ambrose is able to back Uso up and tags Reigns. Uso rolls Reigns up for 2. Bryan tags himself in for Yes Kicks on Reigns.

Ambrose in now against Bryan, he gets 2. Cole and JBL annoyingly argue the entire time with talking points about the fast count from NOC. Quick tags from The Shield as we go to break.

Rollins is in the ring with an Uso as we return. Uso makes the hot tag to his brother who speeds it up and hits a Samoan Drop on Rollins. More quick tags from The Shield. Ambrose hits a front running dropkick to Uso for 2. Rollins gets a couple of near falls as the dissection continues. Reigns hits a monster clothesline but Uso still kicks out. Uso creates some space and battles out of enemy territory. Uso makes the hot tag to Bryan who goes on his match-ending flurry as the crowd erupts with Yes chants. Bryan hits a hurricanrana off the top on Ambrose but Roman breaks the cover. Uso takes out Reigns on the floor. Seth takes them out with a dive. The other Uso takes out Seth with a moonsault. Bryan hits Ambrose with a knee to the face of Ambrose for the win.

Winners by pin: Daniel Bryan & The Usos

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