UFC 165 Results: Did Jon Jones Retain?, Two Title Fights

Round 2: "Big" John forces the corner of Jones to take some of the vaseline off of his eye before the round starts. They take some off, but "Big" John isn't satisfied, so they make them take more off. Jones' eye is already bleeding again before the round even begins. Gustafsson has some swelling and a small cut on his cheek as well. The round begins and here we go. Gustafsson catches a kick attempt by Jones and puts him down. Second time now that Jones has been taken down in UFC history. Jones goes to take Gustafsson down but Gustafsson avoids it with ease. Gustafsson is looking extremely impressive here. Jones looks for another takedown but again Gustafsson manages to avoid it. Gustafsson is having the best performance against Jon Jones compared to any of the champion's past opponents. "Big" John gets in the way of the fighters a bit, as announcer Joe Rogan points out. Gustafsson lands a decent punch on Jones. Gustafsson is using good footwork to avoid Jones' onslaught. Leg-kick by Jones. The action slows down a bit as we approach the half-way point of the second round. Good body kick by Jones. Spinning kick attempt by Jones misses the mark. Jones partially lands a big head-kick as the crowd erupts. Gustafsson with a takedown attempt but Jones stuffs that one with ease. Huge haymaker left hook by Gustafsson just barely misses the mark. Spinning back-kick to the body by Jones. Gustafsson lands a decent jab and follows it up with a leg-kick. Jones misses with a big overhand right. Gustafsson catches another kick by Jones. As he looks to take him down off of the kick, Jones drops to the ground on his own and spins out of it. Pretty sure that doesn't count as a takedown for Gustafsson this time. Good right hand by Jones lands. Inside leg-kick by Jones. The crowd is chanting something now in unison, but it's hard to make out what they're saying. Uppercut by Gustafsson lands. 30 seconds left in the second round. Another leg-kick by Gustafsson. Jones misses a high kick as the round ends. Another really tough round to score, even though Jones goes back to the corner raising his hands as if he won the round. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Jon Jones.

Round 3: We see a close-up of the cut on Jones' eyebrow in-between rounds, and it's a pretty bad cut. The third round begins and Jones comes out throwing a barrage of kicks once again. Gustafsson lands a big combination of punches. Gustafsson is now working a variety of kicks of his own. A smattering of "Gustafsson, Gustafsson" chants breaks out but quickly dies down. Jones with a wild spinning-back kick to the head, ala Renan Barao in the last fight. Gustafsson stuffs a takedown attempt by Jones. Gustafsson lands a jab to the body and then a punch to the face. Jones lands a head-kick on Gustafsson but didn't fully get all of it. Gustafsson lands another solid punch to the face of Jones. This is really unbelievable. No one has hit Jones as much as Gustafsson has tonight, nor has anyone taken Jones down, let alone twice. We're half way through the third round as Jones lands a few leg kicks on Gustafsson. A good uppercut, followed by a solid right hand by Gustafsson. Gustafsson lands another solid right hand. Gustafsson is doing a good job of mixing up his attack. A head-kick by Jones is partially blocked by Gustafsson. Solid leg-kick by Jones. Jones attempts an axe-kick but doesn't find the mark. Jones lands a kick to the body of Gustafsson. Gustafsson is circling and doing a good job of avoiding Jones. Jones lands a very hard kick to the body of Gustafsson, maybe his best cleanly-landed kick of the fight. Gustafsson is starting to take a lot of deep breaths now. Gustafsson lands a decent combo with his hands, mixing up his attack to the body and head. Gustafsson tries a takedown attempt but Jones defends it with ease. Gustafsson is 1-3 with takedown attempts, according to Mike Goldberg, although I've seen two takedowns from him in this fight. Gustafsson is utilizing excellent footwork. Jab and elbow by Gustafsson. Jones with a spinning back-elbow. Gustafsson grabs a body-lock on Jones but can't get the champion down. Jones lands a decent punch right at the buzzer. Another really tough round to call. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Alexander Gustafsson.

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