Santino Marella Reveals His Goals In Wrestling, Talks Battle Arts Academy, Return To WWE, The Cobra

The reality show he has in the works: "The reality show is about MMA; it's about young fighters who really want to have their first-ever MMA fight, break that barrier in terms of fear and get in the octagon and have their first ever amateur fight. It may be somebody that has a background in karate as a kid, or wrestling but they want to tie it all together and have an MMA fight. So, we're going to go down to some of the other dojos in the greater Toronto area and find opponents and make this season finale card and talk about the training and the obstacles whether they be mental or physical and ultimately show the fight.

It's going to be web-based so when you're watching the show and let's say Mr. Ishikawa is showing one of his submissions, we'll have something where; everybody can watch the show, but for a small fee or premium price, you can click here for further detail on this particular submission or 'click here' for the breakdown of this particular Olympic wrestling technique. And people can actually learn a lot and be entertained."

How did the Cobra come about: "When I attended the original Battle Arts in Japan in 2004, one of the partners there; we were sitting having dinner and beverages after one of our shows and he just said 'Hey, watch this' and he did this thing and made his arm into a snake and I'd kind of forgotten about it and years later it popped into my head before my match, and I tried it out and it was born; the crowd liked it immediately."

His recent return to WWE TV at their Toronto show: "It was awesome actually. The grand opening was actually the night before my return, so it was a really cool weekend. I had the Grand Opening party on Sunday, returning to the WWE on Monday, Smackdown on Tuesday; so it was a cool weekend.

It was awesome. When my music hit and the people erupted it was like 'Yes!'. It was a very special moment for me and my career. It's definitely up there in the Top-5 of the coolest moments in my career, that's for sure."

His goals in wrestling: "I want to go for the big one this time; World Heavyweight Champion, you know? Alberto Del Rio; he's a world class champion, I can't take anything away from him. I have a lot of respect for him actually; I wouldn't trash talk him by any means, but there's only one guy at the top and I don't care if it's even for just a short time, I just want to be king of the mountain for a little while."

You can follow Santino through his Twitter (@milanmiracle) or his website ( for all the latest on his news and notes. You can also learn more about his brand new multi-sport academy and train facility Battle Arts Academy in Mississauga, Ontario Canada and all the facility has to offer, go to for details, directions, pricing and listing of services offered. And as always, you can see Santino and all the other WWE Superstars weekly on the vast array of WWE programming; go to for a listing of shows and times and check your local cable offerings for local times and channel availability.

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