TNA Live Event Results From Tucson (9/21): Bully Ray Defends, Roode Vs. Aries

TNA Live Event Results From Tucson (9/21): Bully Ray Defends, Roode Vs. Aries Photo: Joe Raider Fan
Thanks to one of our readers for sending in these results from Saturday's night's TNA live event in Tucson, AZ:

So I went to the TNA Wrestling live event/house show in Tucson, AZ and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was their first time in Tucson and my first time seeing them live. I got in for the pre-show meet and greet(you had to purchases the special ticket) which only had 6 wrestlers doing the signing. A lot more people where at the signing then I expected, about 100 to 125 people. Table #1 was Kaz and Daniels (who stayed in character and joked about Joseph Park's weight and Eric Young's beard), table #2 was Eric Young and Joseph Park and EY was really funny and would talk with the fans and answer questions. And table #3 had Hernandez and Manik, Hernandez was really cool posing for pictures and talking with fans. And Manik would talk if you said something to him, even though Kaz and Daniels joked that he wouldn't talk.

So about 15 minutes before the show began JB comes out to hype us up and says that he will be giving away free backstage passes to the "loudest" fans after every match for a special backstage meet and greet during the intermission.

Joseph Park vs. Hernandez

Park gets a nice reaction but Hernandez gets a bigger pop. Match starts slow with Park wanting a handshake, but he pulls away and starts laughing as the fans boo, which surprises him. Hernandez does the same but Park walks into the hand shake and ends up almost tripping. Match didn't go long and was mostly shoulder blocks and clothlines. Hernandez wins with a top rope splash, they end up shaking hands at the end.

Next JB tells us that we are getting some title matches tonight and the first one is for the Knockout's Championship.

TNA Knockouts Championship: ODB (c) vs. Lad'i Tapa

ODB was way over with the crowd getting a bigger pop then Hernandez. Decent KO Title bout that went about 7 minutes. ODB went for the TKO 3 times early, getting cut off all 3 times. She would, however, win the match with the TKO.

The third match was another title match, and JB told us that we were getting "not 2, not 3, but 4 title matches tonight" and this one was for the X-Division Championship.

TNA X Division Championship: Manik (c) vs. "Showtime" Eric Young

EY comes down first to his usual antics locking up with referee Brian Stiffler. Makin makes him way to the ring and EY gets on the apron grabs the tag rope and calls for a tag. Just the beginning of a very entertaining match. So EY tags himself in with a blind tag on Manik, which makes him jump as if that scared him and starts to lock up with Stiffler again. Stiffler jumps put of the ring, so Eric starts to count him out, the fans tall Stiffler to get back in the ring before he gets counted out, so he does, barely making the 10 count by EY. Eric then calls for the bell, which doesn't ring and wants Manik and Stiffler to lock up. Sitffler acts like he is ready to lock up before changing his mind and calling for the bell. Fun match that had some nice spots including a double turnbuckle headstand by both Champion and challenger. Some "EY" chants and "this is awesome" chants break out through the match. Manik gets the win with his chicken wing front gutbuster. Very fun match to keep the crowd going.

Next up was a match for the TNA Tag Team Championship. JB called it "Tucson Tornado Tag Team Rules" meaning Texas Tornado style.

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