TNA Live Event Results From Tucson (9/21): Bully Ray Defends, Roode Vs. Aries

TNA Tag Team Championship: Bad Influence vs."Cowboy" James Storm and Gunner, who is now being billed as "The Modern Day Viking"

Out come Bad Influence to a mixed reaction. Kaz takes to the mic and trashes Tucson, the people and the sports teams. Daniels takes his turn and calls all the fans there fat and ugly and they may not be worthy of much but they are worthy of being able to worship them now. And that brings out Storm and Gunner to a good pop. Match starts with a brawl, as most of the match goes the same way. Storm spends most of the match on the outside, while Gunner stays in side. Daniels and Storm fight on the floor and a funny spot I noticed was Kaz in the ring pokes Gunner in the eye, while at the same time on the floor Storm does the same to Daniels. Storm gets thrown into the steel steps leaving Gunner alone in the ring with Bad Influence. They do a few double team moves on Gunner but can't keep him down. Storm tries to get back in the ring a couple time, but gets cut off every time. Gunner makes a comeback before getting taken down again but this time Storm has gotten in the ring and starts to clean house. Bad Influence takes control again but Storm fights back giving Gunner time to get back in. The match comes to a close when Storm hits Kaz with Closing Time before getting the crowd hyped and calls for the last Call and lays Kaz out with superkick. Gunner then gets Daniels up on his shoulder and he and Storm connect with their tag team finisher for the win. Solid 12-15 minute match, just as good as any TV or PPV tag match TNA has done this year. Storm then takes to the mic to pass out the last couple backstage passes. While he's in the ring and Gunner is high fiving fans at ringside, something is going down by the ramp with Kaz and a fan. All I saw was something flying towards Kaz as he yells at someone and then jumps down to the floor before arena security and TNA security got involved. Anyway Storm starts to say how rowdy the crowd has been and that they need to bring Spike TV cameras here next time they come, then says "oh hell, maybe we should bring a PPV her next time" the crowd goes crazy and starts chanting "TNA" and "yes". Storm then says "naw, naw, naw, we don't say 'yes, yes, yes' here in TNA we say "Beer, beer, beer"! So a huge "beer" chant gets going.

20 minute Intermission

JB gets back on the mic and says that our two main events will start in 5 minutes.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Roode gets the strongest heat of the night so far. Out comes Aries to a huge pop. "TNA" and "this is wrestling" chants break out during the staredown. Classic Roode-Aries match. Some chain wrestling to start things off. Aries gets the better of Roode who drops to the floor. A Double goes after Roode and chases him around the ring. They get back inside and trade holds and shots. Roode goes for the 3 Amigos, but stops on the last one and does a front suplex rather then a 3rd vertical. But mocks Eddie's shoulder shimmy anyway and gets some boos and a small "Eddie" chant starts. Aries keeps teasing the outside dive but keeps getting cut off by Roode. Finally decides to just go up top and hits Roode with a double sledge hammer on the floor. A Double rolls Roode back and climbs up top and also mocks Eddie's shoulder shimmy but gets cheers, before hitting a beautiful frog splash. Roode takes control again and looks for the Fishermen's Suplex but Aries counters, everybody calls for the Brainbuster, but Aries ends up winning with a roll up. Great match that lasted about 20 minutes.

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