TNA Live Event Results From Tucson (9/21): Bully Ray Defends, Roode Vs. Aries

Main Event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Bully Ray (c) vs. Samoa Joe

JB gives formal intros before Bully gets on the mic and does his "do you know who I am?" bit. he then calls the people of Phoenix stupid, and of course that gets heat because we were in Tucson. He then threatens to leave and go back home to NYC if we didn't quiet down and get in our seats. He wants us to down what he says by the count of 3 or he'll leave. He gets to 2 and a half before Joe gets in his face and says 3 then lays him out with a punch, leading to a big "Joe" chant going for a while during the start of the match. Bully rolls to the outside and Joe follows. Joe gets him in the ring and lays in some jabs AND kicks. Bully would take back control and made the ref fall for the old "hey ref look over there" deal leading to him using his wrist tape to choke Joe. Joe fights back again but Bully would try to use his wallet chain in front of the ref and when the ref went to put the chain back down Bully hits Joe with a low blow. The fans try to alert the ref by chanting "low blow" and making the arm motion, but he doesn't DQ Bully. Joe goes nuts with strikes and kicks and his normal comeback flurry and calls for the Muscle Buster. Bully counter and shoves Joe into the ref in the corner. Joe would then catch Bully in the Rear Choke and makes him tap, causing the crowd to chant "you tapped out". Joe lets go of the hold to wake up the ref and by this time Bully has grabbed his wallet chain again and lays Joe out with it. The ref comes to and counts the pin. Bully retained in a solid 12-14 minute match. Bully would try to lay Joe out with the title but Joe gets the better of him sending to the back without his title. So Joe picks up the title and holds it up to a big pop.

Overall a great first experience for me at a TNA live event. I would say it was better then a TV taping because you didn't have pointless segments that lasted 20 minutes and the matches could go as long as the guys wanted to wrestle because they didn't have time slots to worry about. Floor seating was full around three sides of the ring and only a few empty seat on either side of the entrance isle. Lower level seating was spotty though. So as far as exact numbers I couldn't say for sure, but I would say at least 500, but I think it would be a stretch to say more than 1,200 like some other reports I've read. And I would recommend any TNA fan to go to a show in their area when the chance comes along.

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