Jim Cornette Says He'd Hang Up And Take Xanax If TNA Called; Talks WWE - Kayfabe, Mid-South, ROH

A bigger territory was the Carolina's and obviously the New York territory known as the W.W.W.F was still a much bigger territory, you can make bigger money but if you were a young guy and had confidence in yourself and you can take a death march literally through that backwoods territory, those horrible roads and those angry fans, it was the place to go to get your degree in wrestling. Based off the year we spent there, we could write our own ticket and go anywhere we wanted and that's how we ended up in Charlotte, the NWA and Jim Crockett promotions, national television and even more money but I made a hundred thousand dollars main eventing as the top heel team for Bill Watts for one year in 1984 at twenty two years old and that beats a poke in the eye with a shark stick as my mother used to say and that wasn't a contract. That was based off of pay offs from the gate and the wrestlers, especially the ones who had been around had a saying: "You'll make twice as much money working for Bill Watts as you will mostly anywhere else and half of much as you are to."

WWE's attempt at continuing kayfabe: Also, as my mother used to say, the horse has already left the barn cowboy. Unfortunately, so much is out about the wrestling business being exposed as predetermined or manipulated or a work or choreographed or I hate to even use the word, fake because there is nothing fake about what the guys do but actually boxing the same thing can be applied, they just taken care of their business better but we all know and anyone that's smart and had any background that a number of major boxing matches have been manipulated.

Wrestling business was first exposed by in the 1930's but it was exposed by outsiders, sports writers, newspaper people because they were talk about how ignorant the fans were to believe this obvious work and in doing so they insulted the people in great numbers and when television came along it became greater numbers but wrestling in the 20th century drew major crowds so people would take those exposes from people outside the business that were also question their own intelligence and they would discard them. The wrestling business was never exposed by insiders, wrestlers, promoters and people who were actually been there and done that until the 80's when Vince McMahon basically said: "We are going to open this thing up because its entertainment" then everyone fell in line to get exposure for themselves and then the internet came along and I know Chris Angel didn't get run over by the steam roller, picked up by a spatula and turned back into a living, breathing human but I'm not sure how the f--k he did it. Now, I want to keep watching this s--t because how are they doing this? But once it's been told then it becomes: "Well, yep. I heard about it once and they did it."

Thoughts of any past Mid-South wrestlers going to the WWE Hall of Fame: That's a shock that the Firebirds aren't in! I figured with Michael Hayes politicking for the last few years it would had happened by now. Nobody has called me. I have not been to complimentary to the WWE's product and business practices over the last couple years mainly because we got sideways of their treatment towards Ohio Valley Wrestling back a number years ago but if you want to discuss of who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams definitely deserving, unfortunately it has to be posthumously but still deserving. The Freebirds are deserving, the Midnight Express and Jim Cornett and if you're in New Orleans, Louisiana had one of the two most famous matches in the history of New Orleans wrestling. The Midnight Express and the Rock N Roll Express were the greatest tag team rivalry of all time and drew more money than any other tag team rivalry probably in history and I did manage the WWF champion and WWF Tag Team champion at different points in time but my phone hasn't rung and I haven't lost sleep over it.

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