Views From The Turnbuckle: The Failure Of Ryback

The chant "Goldberg" is not one of support or of hate. It is a chant of indifference, which should be the deathblow to any professional wrestler. The WWE has done everything they could with Ryback, and still the only thing fans can say when Ryback is on-screen is "Goldberg." It is pretty clear by this point that no matter what the WWE does, the fans just do not give a damn about the guy.

There is actually a recent precedent for Ryback and the "Goldberg" chants. When the WWE signed Matt Bloom, the former Albert, from New Japan they had very big plans for him. Going by the name Lord Tensai, Bloom was set up to have a huge program with John Cena and to be a new big-time heel for the company. Unfortunately, he was never able to escape the fans chants of "Albert," and after a tiny run at the top of the card, he was reduced to being part of a comedy tag team with Brodus Clay.

Essentially, the same exact thing has happened with Ryback, however instead of being pushed back down the card, the WWE has pushed Ryback further and further to the top, up to the point that since Wrestlemania, Ryback has faced a who's who of WWE stars, working with John Cena, Chris Jericho and now CM Punk.

Lastly, Ryback has one final thing working against him now that he is involved in an angle with CM Punk and that is that CM Punk has just finished a feud with Brock Lesnar. Ryback is basically the same kind of a villain as Lesnar, except that Ryback is about one million times worse than Lesnar is. It is like comparing The Undertaker and Kurgan, yeah they both are kind of built the same, but one is so vastly inferior to the other that it is just stupid. Going from Brock Lesnar to Ryback can no way benefit either Punk or Ryback.

Ryback will most certainly work a few ppv matches with CM Punk, and he will continue to get plenty of air time. But after such a large sample size, I think it is safe to say that it will take a miracle to get him as over as the WWE originally envisioned him as being.

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