TNA Impact Results: Dixie Gives Hulk An Ultimatum, Bully Kicks Out Another Member, Aries - Sabin

- Manik defends against Sabin, next.

- A graphic for "Ethan is Coming" is shown.

- AJ is stopped in the back. He has no problem hearing Hogan out.

X Division Championship: Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin is introduced first with Velvet Sky. He dips and kisses her on the stage. She still seems confused and surprised by his new attitude. (Here's waiting for her full heel-turn.) Manik is out next.

Sabin wants to shake hands but Manik hits a double-leg and turns it up early. Manik with a springboard crossbody for 2. Sabin tries to flee but Manik pulls him back in. Sabin rakes the eyes to get the advantage. He actually grabs the mask. Sabin feigns a knee injury and goes to the floor to walk it off. Sabin walks completely around the ring and the ref prevents Manik from going out. Manik finally goes to the floor. Sabin throws Velvet into Manik and hits a kick off the apron. Sabin sends him in but Manik puts him in a cloverleaf. Sabin kicks out and bumps the ref. Sabin takes over with vicious strikes and a leg drop for 2.

Sabin goes for a superplex but Manik drops him in a front suplex. Manik comes off with a missile dropkick. Manik with quick kicks and a leaping corkscrew splash for 2. Manik drop toe-holds Sabin to the ropes and hits a dropkick to the back of the head. Manik with a slingshot to the turnbuckle. Manik with another cloverleaf. Sabin goes to grab the ropes but grabs Velvet's hand instead. She tells him to let go and he pulls her in the ring. Sabin hides behind Velvet; he tries to roll up Manik out of nowhere but Manik reverses it and rolls Sabin up for the win.

Winner by pin and Still X Division Champion: Manik

Sabin starts to beat Manik in the ring as Velvet pleads with him. Aries hits the ring to make the save. Sabin leaves without a distraught Velvet. (Sabin and Velvet have been cast very well for this. Very old-school. Nicely executed.)

- The 3 remaining Aces & 8s members try to keep it together in the back. They pep each other up and say they can't afford to lose another brother.

- EGO reacts in the back to Kurt Angle going in the Hall of Fame. They talk trash about MEM. Daniels & Kazarian start to get silly as usual and Bobby Roode walks away in disgust.

The Main Event Mafia vs. Aces & 8s

Wes Brisco, Knux, and Garett Bischoff come to the ring followed by Sting, Samoa Joe, and Magnus

The bell rings and Magnus and Knux go at it like 2 gladiators. Knux tags out to Wes who is dropped by Magnus. He tags out to Garett who is also dropped by Magnus. Magnus covers Garett and the count is broken. Things break down on the outside and inside of the ring. EGO appears out of nowhere and attacks Magnus on the floor. They run away as Magnus favors his knees. A&8 maul Sting in the corner as things get back under control and we go to a break. We return for 3 seconds of action and Tenay sends back to a commercial.

Back for real this time. Sting is still getting taken apart as A&8 cut the ring off and make quick tags. Knux with a big boot to the face of Sting. Wes tags in with a clothesline in the corner and covers Sting for 2. Wes with a couple more consecutive near-falls. Sting hangs on to the ropes and avoids a dropkick from Wes. Sting hits a clothesline. Both men lie on the mat. Sting is way out of place but still makes it to Joe for the hot-tag. Joe lights everybody up in A&8. Joe with a back splash to Wes for 2. Joe with a powerslam to Wes, Garett breaks the count.

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