Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact begins with a recap of last week. After another loss, what's next for Magnus and The Main Event Mafia? What about Aces & 8s? Plus, more on the AJ Styles/Dixie Carter saga.

- Dixie Carter arrives in the back to boos. She is stopped by Sting but she ignores him and looks at her phone. Sting asks her about AJ Styles. She fixes his suit like his mom would and tells him not to worry about Dixie Carter.

- Bully Ray and Brooke make their way to the ring. (Brooke's outfits equal ratings.) Bully talks about how Dixie is in AJ's head and he thinks it is great. Bully says Dixie is correct in that she made AJ. He asks if we know who he is... The A&8s music hits and the remaining members come to the ring. Knux cuts a promo on him. He says Bully worries more about his Ho than he does his Bros. Bully warns Knux not to call her a Ho. Of course, the fans start chanting. Knux says that they will take care of club business tonight against the Main Event Mafia; the 3 of them, not Bully. Bully says his patch says President and he makes the rules. He says if they lose the match against MEM, it will be "lights out" for one of them; meaning they will be out of the club. He and Brooke leave up the ramp.

- Mike Tenay with Taz welcomes us to the show. Chris Sabin faces Manik tonight for the X Division Title.

- We go to the locker room where Joseph Park is lathering for a shave in the mirror. He is stopped by Eric Young and ODB. He is worried that Park will cut himself and "turn into a monster." Park doesn't know what EY is talking about and says he is worried about him. EY puts the razor up to his face and ODB tells him to not even think about it because she likes the beard.

- Gail Kim and The Bro Mans come to the ring for the 6-Person Tag as we go to a commercial.

Joseph Park, Eric Young & ODB vs. The Bro Mans & Gail Kim

EY, Park, and ODB make their entrance after the break and we go to footage of last week where Park went crazy on Bro Mans. Kim and ODB start off. Kim tags Robbie E after a short stare down. ODB tags Park who overpowers and no-sells Robbie. Park slams Robbie and gets 2. Park gets triple teamed in enemy territory and Jessie Godderz works him over in the corner and hits a beautiful dropkick. Park catches his balance from a sunset flip attempt and goes to sit-down splash on Jessie but he moves. Robbie tags in for more punishment on Park. Park manages a Samoan Drop and tags EY. The ref didn't see the tag and doesn't allow it. Kim tags in and kicks Park in the legs. Park shakes his finger in her face a la Hulk Hogan. Taz tells us that this is an inter-gender match.

Park with a double clothesline to Bro Mans and makes the hot-tag to EY. EY hits a double crossbody to Bro Mans and continues with the fast-paced flurry. He makes the cover on Jessie but Kim breaks the count. ODB tosses Kim to the floor. Robbie gets in ODB's face and she smothers him in her breasts. Park tosses Robbie to the floor. EY drops Jessie; Park hits a splash from the 2nd turnbuckle; EY hits the top rope elbow and tags ODB who hits a splash for the win.

Winners by pin: Joseph Park, Eric Young & ODB

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