Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel vs. Big E. Langston and Damien Sandow

Sandow and Gabriel start off. Sandow goes after his arm. Gabriel reverses and tags in Ryder. Ryder hits a pair of knees to the face. Sandow turns around and gets dropped by a dropkick from Gabriel. Ryder gets a two count. He goes to work on Sandow's arm. Gabriel comes back in and works on Sandow's arm as well. Gabriel gets a shoulder knockdown and then goes back to Sandow's arm. Sandow backs him to the corner. Gabriel reverses and hits several strikes. Ryder comes in and tries to go back to his arm, but Sandow hits a headbutt.

Langston gets tagged in and whips Ryder. Ryder reverses and hits a dropkick. Langston backdrops Ryder to the apron. He tries to ram his shoulder into Ryder's gut through the ropes, but Ryder moves and kicks Langston in the chest. Sandow runs at Ryder on the apron. Ryder elbows Sandow off. Langston hits Ryder off, off the distraction. Back from commercial and Langston is in control of Ryder. He tags in Sandow. Sandow hits a headbutt to Ryder's side.

Sandow lands a vertical Suplex. He clubs Ryder in the back and then drives several knees into his back. Sandow pulls Ryder's head back. Ryder gets to his feet but Sandow hits a big elbow, followed by the elbow of disdain for a near pin fall. Sandow drives his knee into Ryder's back and pulls his arms. Ryder gets to his feet, but Sandow pins in Langston. Langston hits a trio of backbreakers for a near pin fall. Sandow comes back in.

Ryder reverses a Suplex attempt into a spinning neckbreaker. Langston and Gabriel both get tagged in. Gabriel hits several kicks. He tries to whip Langston, to no avail. Gabriel hits a kick to the head, followed by a running crossbody in the corner. Gabriel hits a springboard crossbody. Sandow breaks up the pin attempt. Ryder tosses Sandow from the ring and goes for a dive, but Sandow moves. Back in the ring and Gabriel goes up top. Langston moves and Gabriel lands on his feet. Langston hits a huge clothesline. Langston with the Big Ending for the win.

Winners: Big E. Langston and Damien Sandow

After the match, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle come out to the ring. Langston rolls out of the ring and Khali hits his chop to Sandow's head.

Then, MizTV from RAW is shown.

Next, a highlight video of CM Punk's return to RAW is shown.

Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans

Swagger and Tensai start off. Swagger knees him in the corner repeatedly. Tensai fights back with headshots. Clay comes in. Swagger rolls out of the ring. Cesaro comes in and Clay hits him with four body slams. Tensai comes in and hits a delayed double underhook Suplex. Clay comes in and TOF hit a double shoulder knockdown. They then hit Swagger off the apron. Tensai hits Cesaro with a body avalanche and Clay hits a running corner splash. Swagger runs on the apron and slams Clay's head into the turnbuckle. Cesaro rolls Clay up for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

Then, the 11 on 3 handicap match from RAW is shown to end the show.

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