MVP Talks TNA's Problems, If WWE Is Better With Daniel Bryan And Punk On Top, If TNA Is An Option

TNA changing its public perspective: Wow, how much time do we have? It's weird cause it's difficult to give criticism without being labeled a "hater" or I've had people tell me: "You sound salty" or "You're criticizing WWE", I give criticism where I see its due and I think TNA has made the mistake of focusing on older guys for the sake of nostalgia or name without spending enough time building younger stars and that's the kind of stuff that WWE is dealing with now. When you don't spend enough time grooming and developing younger stars then there tends to be a backlash. I think the problem is and I heard a lot of people say this and some of guys there say this but it kind of seems like WCW light and what WCW was like at the end and as far as the fans are concerned, they want something else.

The best and most lucrative time for the business was during the "Monday Night Wars" where there were twelve million people a week tuning into wrestling. Where did those people go? They are out there somewhere. What are they watching now? They are not all watching WWE and they are not watching TNA. I think in order for TNA to be a viable option for WWE is to go in a totally different direction. I think that a guy like AJ Styles was pretty much the backbone of the company, he is TNA Wrestling for all intents and purposes, and he shouldn't be upset. There is no reason for a guy like him to be upset, he should be well taken care of and happy and there shouldn't be guys questioning if they are getting paid and that's another big issue that I've been hearing about and it's there finances . So if their talent pool isn't happy and if they have guys that are grumbling because they are not being given an opportunity because of guys higher up the ladder that aren't making way for those opportunities and for being allowed to make those opportunities for the younger guys then you tend to run into some trouble.

TNA or the WWE Performance Center, what's makes more sense for a young wrestler: It's what you want as a professional wrestler. How do you define a successful career? On a few occasions, I've been asked to do training seminars and I break the guys into three groups. I want one group that does professional wrestling as a hobby. You got a full time job, a couple kids and a wife and you wrestle on the weekends for fun, you get out to the school once a week for practice and professional wrestling is your softball league, those guys stand in one group. Those of you who are hoping to have fun for a while, maybe get to wrestler overseas for a bit but you're not trying to become a "superstar" but you want to wrestle in Japan, Mexico, Europe and willing to make the sacrifice and go through the pro wrestling phase then go stand in this group. Then if your goal is to be a superstar, you want to be on TV, you want to be a famous wrestler, you want to be a "rich and famous" wrestler then WWE is the place to go, if that is what you want and if that's your goal, then the performance center is the way to go. However, just because you go there, doesn't mean you are going to make TV. You got over a hundred that are trying to compete for TV time, you have to come out with a gimmick that will get you on TV whereas TNA that pool is a lot shallower so you have a much better chance to make it to TV and apply your trade. If you're coming out of college and you have the option to go to the NFL or the CFL, it's kind of a no-brainer.

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