MVP Talks TNA's Problems, If WWE Is Better With Daniel Bryan And Punk On Top, If TNA Is An Option

WWE being more appealing with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk on top: Sure! We often would joke that about wrestling for F.I.P. many years ago in Crystal River, Florida in front of thirty drunken Mexicans at a bar, I don't know what the hell it was but guys wanted to wrestle Bryan back in the day, he was tremendous. I can't tell you how I proud I am to see two of those guys who I admired back in there Ring of Honor days on top in WWE. Especially having that international background and that appreciation for pro wrestling that came from my school of thought to make it to the top in that company. Talk about going against the odds, they are everything that a WWE champion has never been. It thrills me and the thought of going back and working with Punk or working with Bryan or working with those guys is great I know there style and they know my style and I think we would complement each other well, its intriguing.

State of Pro Wrestling in Japan: The state of Pro Wrestling in Japan is that New Japan (Pro Wrestling) is the top dog. New Japan is doing great business and draws great houses everywhere. I remember talking to the office one day and I won't say who made the statement but the statement was made that if Tanahashi left New Japan the response was "Big, big problem. Serious Problem." He is that guy that sells the tickets and with Okada emergence as a top tier player, he has made that New Japan ticket hotter. Sadly NOAH Pro Wrestling is up against the ropes. They are not doing that great. Recently a bunch of guys from NOAH left to join All Japan (Pro Wrestling). I don't believe NOAH has any television right now and when (Mitsuharu) Misawa passed away that dealt them a blow. All-Japan was on the rope as well and it looked like they were going to go under but the new owner (Japanese corporation Speed Partners) seems to have big pockets. Muta left to form his own company Wrestle-1 and All Japan is getting back into the game and from what I gather New Japan is actually helping them out a little bit.

Would WWE be better if TNA was excellent? I think there is a different mindset in Japan from the mindset of how they do their business. I think the WWE mindset is to crush all and don't give anyone breathing room. I think that's how it comes across. The most prosperous time for pro wrestling is when there was competition during the "Monday Night Wars". That's when everyone was watching and that's when it was hot when the NFL wanted to pay Vince (McMahon) to move Monday Night Raw because it was cutting into their viewership. That's very significant. For the Americans that want to wrestle in Japan and if you're a young guy coming up from the Dojo, you're going to learn how to properly wrestle, pro wrestle and you're going to be in amazing shape cause you have to go through the Dojo and I think there is a training video on YouTube of myself working out with the young guys. Try doing that hung over and trying to play it off.

It's a huge experience and if you look at New Japan, take a guy like "Machine Guy" Karl Anderson, he is one of the best talents you never heard of, Masahiro Chono won the G-1 Climax two years ago, the last time you saw that was with Rick Rude which was eleven or twelve years ago who is killing things over there and one of the best guys you probably never heard of. You asked me the question before if a wrestler should go to the WWE Performance Center or to TNA? If you had the option to go to Japan first was there, I would say go and later on if those options are there, definitely. The guys that were my wrestling heroes made their way in Japan like Eddie (Guererro), Dean (Malenko), Chris (Benoit), (Chris) Jericho, and (William) Regal spent their time in Japan and they would all tell you, that's what made them better than they were.

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