Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

Slater takes control and stomps Santino on the mat. Santino misses with the 'Salute Headbutt' as Slater gets his knees up. Slater goes up top but Santino knocks him off. Santino pulls out the Cobra. Jinder Mahal gets on the apron and starts to play snake-charming music on a flute. The crowd boos (I concur.) The Cobra is enchanted so Khali plays his own tune from the apron and Santino is caught in a volley between the two. Khali breaks his tune to knock Drew McIntyre off the apron and Jinder's tune makes The Cobra 'turn' on Santino and he goes down in the corner, trying to resist the strike. Hornswoggle knocks Jinder off the apron and Khali starts playing again to revive Santino.

JBL, almost offended, says, "This is the home of Austin 3:16." Santino hits Slater with The Cobra for the win (I can't believe what I just typed. Speechless. I thought they cancelled Saturday Morning Slam).

Winner by pin: Santino Marella

- Los Matadores debuts this Monday on RAW.

- Cole sends to footage that catches us up on the Rhodes Family saga.

- More from the Michael Cole interview with HHH. Hunter says he has extended an open invitation to the Rhodes' to appear on RAW and have an open forum without having to trespass. Hunter says he has a lucrative proposition for them. Cody and GoldDust respond via Tout. They will be there this Monday with their dad but if the "proposition is anything like the last one, there will be hell."

- Randy Orton makes his entrance for our main event. Miz makes his entrance, after a commercial, with intensity in his eyes and a purpose to his walk.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz

They literally collide in the ring as the bell rings. Miz hits a double-leg takedown and mounts Orton for strikes. Miz unloads on Orton in the corner but the ref pulls him off and this gives Orton an opening. Miz clothesline Orton over the top and sends him into the steel steps. Miz sends Orton back in for some more ground-and-pound. Miz with a kick to the face of a seated Orton. Miz has a mean look on his face as he goes for his signature running clothesline in the corner but Orton moves and Miz sells the pain in his shoulder as he collides with the post. Miz rolls to the floor as the doctor checks on him. He complains about his neck but says he can still go. Orton grabs Miz by his hair and elevates him to the ring for the DDT-in-the-ropes.

Orton goes on a mean-streak and mounts Miz for strikes in the corner as the ref and the doctor try to get him off. Orton tosses the ref out of the way and the bell sounds.

Winner by disqualification: The Miz

HHH comes on the stage and says since Orton wants to get disqualified on purpose and steal Miz' opportunity, he will re-start the match under NO DQ rules.

No Disqualification: The Miz vs. Randy Orton

The doctors tend to Miz at ringside as the bell rings and Orton rolls to the floor and tosses Miz into the announce table. Orton has lost it as he sends Miz hard into the steel steps. Cole sells the fact that this is the sadistic Viper that HHH and Stephanie intended to unleash. Orton continues the assault at ringside but Miz finds an equalizer in a chair. He hits Orton on the back a couple of times but Randy cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Orton hits a DDT with Miz' feet on the security wall. Orton drags Miz' lifeless body into the ring and methodically picks him up for the RKO and hits it. Orton pauses as he stands over his prey, drops to his knees slowly, and pins Miz.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

Cole and JBL argue about what is fair as Orton poses on the turnbuckles and we go off the air.

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