Thanks to reader Jose for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Dallas, TX:

There was a good amount of people at the show. The floor, lower level, and mid sections were filled to capacity. The upper level was empty except a couple people here and there. Justin Roberts was the announcer/host of the night.

* Santino Marella beat Fandango with the Cobra. Santino did his usual funny spots and kept failing to jump from the mat back to his feet. Santino won with his Cobra. Santino received great crowd support and Fandango even got a "you can't dance" chant.

* Natalya beat Brie Bella with the sharpshooter. It started as a dance off with Brie "dancing" first. Then as Natalya was dancing Brie attacked her from behind starting the match. Not to much crowd reaction to the match.

* Dean Ambrose beat Zack Ryder with a front DDT and retained the US title.

* The Big Show beat Antonio Cesaro via chokeslam. Cesaro was accompanied to the ring by Jack Swagger. After the win, Brad Maddox came out and told Show he will fight Jack Swagger and it would be next.

* The Big Show beat Jack Swagger via knockout. Brad Maddox then came to the ramp again and said he had one more surprise. He stated that Big Show will have to sit ringside for the main event Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton and cannot interfere in the match or he will be suspended and fined.

Intermission was next, and they were pushing the pics signed by Randy Orton and CM Punk at the merch table.

* The Shield beat Tons of Funk and The Miz & Kofi Kingston in a three-team match to hold on the Tag Titles. Miz's shoulder was wrapped from his injuries. Prior to the match Kofi slapped hands with every fan on both sides of the ramp which was awesome. He did plenty of high spots to please the crowd.

* CM Punk beat Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman in a No DQ match. It was going to be a 2 on 1 handicap match. Heyman and Axel came to the ring where Heyman stated he has bad news that the crowd would love. He stated that it has been changed to a no DQ match. Punk won with the GTS as Heyman ran away looking like a walrus. Weapons used: chair, kendo stick.

* Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton with running knee. After Daniel won and was celebrating the Shield came and attacked him. The Miz came for the save but he to got beat down and all Big Show did was watch. Kofi then came out to the same fate as the Miz. The Big Show had enough and went in the ring for the save. Show stuck his hand out to shake Daniels but instead Daniel hugged him and the crowd went home happy.

Biggest Pops:
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan

Most Heat:
Paul Heyman

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