- As noted earlier, Steve Austin appeared on The MMA Hour last week and said that the chances of an in-ring return are "pretty damn slim." Austin also talked about being an MMA fan, and said that he gets more excited watching a UFC pay-per-view than pro wrestling.

"Just from the world that I come from, I left pro wrestling behind a couple of years ago when I started doing my own thing," Austin said, via MMAFighting.com. "From my world, I can read between the lines of these angles (on a pro wrestling television show), I can guess or tell a lot of what is about to happen. I get a little more charged up in a UFC fight. In some of those championship matches, my heart's already pounding sitting on the couch, when it's about to start. These days I'd rather tip my hat to a badass UFC main event, but with all due respect, pro wrestling is my first love."

Austin also discussed promos in MMA, pro wrestling basically being "worked" MMA, if Jim Ross could help the UFC and more. You can watch his appearance above.

- Hulk Hogan will be at the final day of the Bright House Super Boat National Championships on Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, Florida this afternoon.

- The Rock yesterday posted another photo from the set of his upcoming film, Hercules, on his Twitter:

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