SmackDown Review: Why Has Miz Become Orton's Personal Whipping Boy?

This edition of WWE SmackDown was brought to us from Milwaukee, WI. It was geared to further depict Randy Orton as a heartless, calloused individual, looking to get back in the good graces of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The Miz, however, was destined to stop Orton's reign of terror.

Just like last week, Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth... happened. Only this time, RVD saved a post-match attack on R-Truth by ADR. To be honest, this feud has been a bit of a bust. Either it is just the lackluster attention given to enhance the relevance of the World Heavyweight Championship, or a lack of interest that the WWE has created to build from RVD's win at Night of Champions.

RVD has done some great work since his return at Money in the Bank, but hopefully—with his anticipated departure—we will see Ricardo Rodriguez make the turn to side with ADR. This was something many expected to happen at NOC, but Battleground should leave no room for doubt. Especially with the Hardcore stipulation added to the match.

Real Americans vs. Prime Time Players was a good match, and it was a good call for the Real Americans to win. PTP is very over as a tag team right now, and can afford a loss. However, if the Real Americans want to be a relevant tag team, they need more check marks in the win column. The team themselves are not very interesting anymore, but at least they add depth to the division. Moreover, with Los Matadores looming, them winning made ever more sense.

Bray Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder was simply purposed to make Wyatt look impressive. However, Ryder gained an unexpected amount of advantage during the match, so it was not a squash. I don't know if it not being a squash was a good idea to make Wyatt look impressive, but at least the WWE has not totally thrown Ryder by the wayside. I am still wondering where Bray Wyatt goes from here. He has not had a meaningful spot since SummerSlam, and we are approaching the second pay-per-view following his last angle. Their crowd reaction is diminishing, and WWE should take notice.

(Would Ryder be a good addition to the Wyatt Family?)

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