Views From The Turnbuckle: Battleground Preview, Orton Vs Bryan, Ryback Vs Punk And More

So basically, we are getting a worse version of Punk vs Lesnar. Why would a fan want to pay money to see a second-rate version of something that they have already seen? It would be like going to see a Dark Knight sequel, only this time Robert Pattinson is playing the Joker.

Anyways, like Orton vs Bryan, I think this match extends to Hell in a Cell, so I think that Ryback will win, probably with interference from Heyman and Curtis Axel. At HIAC, we could see Ryback, Heyman and Axel vs Punk inside the Cell, with Punk getting an ally in the feud. (How crazy would it be to see Colt Cabana return to the WWE? Illogical I know, but imagine how brilliant it would be?)

In another rematch from Night of Champions, Alberto Del Rio will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Rob Van Dam. The match is being booked as a Hardcore match, which has some fans excited that we may see some intense violence that we have not seen in a WWE ring in a long time. Frankly, I think that it will be a standard Extreme Rules match, with the typical chair shots to the back and the overuse of the Singapore Cane.

Rob Van Dam only has a few dates left on his current contract, so it is unlikely that he will capture the WHC. There is some speculation that Rob Van Dam could capture the title, only to lose it when Ricardo Rodriguez betrays him and aligns with Damien Sandow, who cashes in his MITB briefcase and wins the WHC.

I find this unlikely for two reasons. The first is that Damien Sandow has been booked terribly since he won the briefcase, and I know the WWE likes to book the MITB holders weakly, Sandow has been a joke and a jobber since he won it. Perhaps he can pick up a win on the preshow against Dolph Ziggler, but even then I think he needs a few more wins to boost his credibility. The second reason is that I find it unlikely that Ricardo Rodriguez would align himself with Damien Sandow. Sandow's best tool is his ability to draw heat from the crowd in promos before his match, with Ricardo involved, that ability is sort of nullified. I just see it as an awkward pairing that would not really benefit either party.

The Rhodes family vs The Shield is the match that I personally feel is the most exciting match on the card. The buildup has been really, really good for this one, and the WWE has done a really solid job at getting fan support behind Cody and Goldust. This is looking fantastic for Cody Rhodes, as after this feud he could very well be a top face for the company. The crowds interest in both the Rhodes family and The Shield is very high, which I think will make it the most entertaining match of the night.

Obviously, it looks like the Rhodes family is going to win this match, as it is important that Cody Rhodes gets his job back. I also could see this match being for the Tag Team Championship, with the Rhodes family coming out on top. This frees up the Shield to do more, while also allowing the Wyatt family to slide in and take the tag belts from a face team like the Rhodes family.

Once again, AJ Lee will wrestle an inferior opponent for her Diva's title. This time, Brie Bella, who is somehow now a face after the WWE dedicated a ton of time to making her and her sister heels. I really do not understand how the WWE expects us fans to cheer for Brie and cheer against AJ, outside of the fact that Brie is affiliated with Daniel Bryan. I do not see any reason to take the title off of AJ, so unless some disastrous booking takes place, AJ should retain her title.

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow which takes place on the pre-show, could be a really good match and is my sleeper pick for match of the night. I think that Dolph will come out on top, because the only person that is being booked worse than Dolph Ziggler is Damien Sandow.
Curtis Axel will retain the Intercontinental Championship in a match so meaningless it does not deserve to be on the ppv. The IC title is probably in the worst shape it has ever been in, and I do not think that Axel or Truth could do anything to save it.

As you can tell, I have pretty low expectations for Battleground. I see this ppv as basically a filler show to get us to the more important events like Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series. The WWE knows that there are people who will buy every ppv they produce, no matter how crappy they book it, so that is why they have ppvs like Battleground that really do not need to take place.

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