Views From The Turnbuckle: Battleground Preview, Orton Vs Bryan, Ryback Vs Punk And More

Views From The Turnbuckle: Battleground Preview, Orton Vs Bryan, Ryback Vs Punk And More
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Almost everything about the WWE's upcoming Battleground pay-per-view seems forced. From the recycling of feuds and storylines to the rushed build-up of the show, Battleground has failed to generate the typical excitement that usually takes place on the days leading up to a WWE ppv.

I think the main issue with this is that Battleground seems like an unnecessary ppv event. It takes place only 21 days after Night of Champions, and only 21 days before Hell in a Cell. Three weeks after a ppv is not that much time to establish any significant build-up, so that is why we are seeing a lot of the same feuds from Night of Champions being set up for Battleground.

After winning the WWE Championship at Night of Champions, and then predictably being stripped of the title the following night on Raw, Daniel Bryan will try to regain the title against Randy Orton. The WWE Championship is currently vacated, but it might as well be around Randy Orton's waist, because the feud is being booked with Randy Orton playing the cocky veteran and Daniel Bryan unproven upstart.

The problem I have with this feud is that it is being built the same way as Night of Champions, but the events that took place at Night of Champions cause the build-up to Battleground make no sense. Randy Orton is claiming that Daniel Bryan can't beat him and that he does not what have it takes to be champion. However, Daniel Bryan BEAT Randy Orton at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship. So how can Orton say that Bryan cannot be champion when he clearly has already won the title from him, not to mention the victory over John Cena at Summerslam.

The WWE sort of foresaw this problem by having Bryan defeat Orton via fast count by the referee. However, I felt that they did a poor job executing the fast count storyline. Essentially, Triple H said that Armstrong messed up and fired the guy. Since HHH is a heel, it made it seem that Triple H was just bitter that his guy lost, and that even though Bryan won fair and square, he was going to be stripped of the title for some cock-and-bull excuse. That does not work if you are going to have Orton come out every week and declare that Bryan cannot win the WWE Championship. Instead, I think they should have had Bryan come out angry at Armstrong and surrender the title willingly, then the crowd can actually believe that Bryan may not be able to defeat Orton.

I think that Randy Orton comes out on top at Battleground, simply because they have invested too much in the "Best For Business" storyline with the McMahon family and Randy Orton to have Orton lose AGAIN to Bryan. It is obvious this match is going to be seen again at Hell in a Cell, and I think the safest and most logical way to get there is through Orton holding the WWE Championship.

Paul Heyman and CM Punk continue their long-running feud that started in July and has now stretched into October, with the addition of Ryback into the feud. The biggest criticism I have of this feud is that Ryback vs Punk is being booked the EXACT same way as Lesnar vs Punk was being booked. Punk is going to take on a big guy that Heyman employees, Punk gets laid out by the bigger man on Raw, but fans are given hope by Punk's fighting spirit and his pure hatred for Paul Heyman.

The main difference between Punk/Lesnar and Punk/Ryback is that Ryback is a vastly inferior performer to Brock Lesnar. While neither man is going to wow anybody on the microphone, Lesnar is a much, much better wrestler, and Brock has a fantastic understanding of in-ring psychology that Ryback has not even begun to learn.

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