TNA Impact Results: Hulk Hogan Quits, Dixie Begs, New BFG Matches, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Manik creates some space with a boot to the grill of Sabin and a dropkick off the top. Manik makes the hot-tag and Hardy speeds things up against both men. Hardy with a faceplant but Sabin breaks the count. Hardy with a double clothesline. Manik breaks the count off a double team on Hardy. Things break down in the ring. Manik pushes King into Sabin, knocking him off the apron. Hardy hits the Swanton on King for the win.

Winners by pin: Jeff Hardy & Manik

Sabin attacks the men from behind. Aries says he has had enough and charges Sabin in the ring. Sabin escapes with Velvet. Aries challenges Sabin and King to a 4-Way match with Manik and Hardy at BFG. Hardy says he wants to make it an Ultimate X Match.

- Sting and Hogan talk in the back. Sting says this is like when Bischoff went wacko and had his power trip. Hogan says he didn't think anybody could ever be worse that Eric. Sting says he has Hulk's back. Someone delivers Hogan a gift from Dixie. It is the same watch she had given Sting. Sting asks what it means. Hogan says, "Let the games begin."

- Tenay tells Taz it might be a retirement gift. Taz says it is a bribe.

- We go to a video from Last Thursday. Sting tries to talk to Magnus as he ices his knee after his match. Magnus tells Sting he is going to go to Hogan to get EGO in a match and for Sting not to talk him out of it.

- Back from a commercial as Daniels is introduced to the ring followed by Magnus.

Gauntlet Match: Magnus vs. EGO

(Christopher Daniels)

Magnus takes control early and gets 2. Daniels calls for a time-out but Magnus grabs his leg and hits a clothesline. Daniels gets the advantage and chokes Magus with the tape on his hand. Daniels applies a head scissors in the ropes and goes back to a reverse choke. Daniels goes for a double under-hook but Magnus drops him off his back. Magnus drops Daniels with and clothesline and goes up top but Daniels knocks him off. Daniels misses with a moonsault off the top as Magnus gets his boot up. Magnus wins with a sit-down slam.

Winner by pin: Magnus


Kaz consoles Daniels on the ramp but Magnus goes and brings him in the hard way. Back from a break as we see footage of Magnus manhandling Kazarian at ringside. Kazarian with a big dropkick on Magnus and gets 2. Magnus fights out of the corner and catches Kaz in mid-air and drops him with a powerslam. Magnus flies off the top with an elbow but Kaz gets his foot on the ropes. Magnus goes up top but Kazarian runs up and kicks him in the face. Back and forth. Magnus applies the cloverleaf in the center of the ring and Kaz taps after a few seconds.

Winner by submission: Magnus

(Bobby Roode)

Kazarian clips Magnus' knee from behind as he awaits Roode. Roode enters the ring and goes right for the injured leg as we take another break. We're back to action as Roode puts the boots to Magnus on the canvas. We see Roode taking the injured knee apart during the break. Roode with a chop to the chest in the corner and goes right back to focusing on the knee. Roode goes for a figure-4 but Magnus kicks him off. Roode with a knee lift as Magnus gets to his feet. Magnus hits a sit-down slam out of nowhere and gets 2. Magnus goes for the cloverleaf and gets Roode over. Roode winces in pain and clubs at Magnus's hurt knee to break the hold.

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