Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- We go to a video package for Gunner & Storm with comments from both as they praise each other.

- Tenay and Taz run down the Bound for Glory card.

- A highlight package for Kurt Angle and the TNA Hall of Fame is shown.

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray

Joe is out first followed by Bully Ray with Brooke. Joe takes control with an armbar. Bully reverses and applies a standing headlock. They collide in the center of the ring and neither budges. Joe hits the ropes again and Bully hits him with a reverse elbow and berates him. Bully with a go-behind, Joe unloads with strikes and back Bully into the corner. Joe sends Bully to the opposite corner and charges in for an Enzuigiri.

Bully is cut between the eyes as he grabs his chain and stalks Joe. The ref takes it away and Bully hits a low-blow to Joe behind the ref's back. Back from a break as Bully works Joe over in the corner. Bully misses with an elbow and Joe recovers first. They exchange blows in the center of the ring. Joe goes on a flurry of offense and comes off the 2nd rope with a leg lariat for 2. Bully sends Joe into the ref in the corner. Joe puts Bully in a sleeper and Bully taps immediately. Joe releases to revive the ref. Bully grabs his chain and clocks Joe with it off the ropes. The ref sees it and calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification: Samoa Joe

Bully shoves Hebner down and tosses Joe out of the ring. Bully rams Joe's head into the announce table and calls for a piledriver on the concrete. He pulls back the padding at ringside and Taz approves. AJ Styles runs down and hops the rail and punches Bully in the face. Security chases AJ in the crowd. AJ celebrates with the fans. Real security tries to keep fans off AJ. LOL.

- Dixie Carter comes to the ring after a break to a "Dixie Sucks" chant. She says she knows that people are not happy with a lot of her decisions. She says fans have no idea about the complexities of business. She says she won't hold it against them as they don't know any better. She invites Hulk Hogan to "our ring."

Hogan comes out in his blue Impact Wrestling shirt. Dixie asks if Hogan is ready to take his career to the next level with her at the helm. She is glad to see Hogan wearing the watch she gave him. She says it is a little something she picked up at Tiffany's. She asks if Hogan is ready to take a ride on the Dixie Train or is he going to make a decision that she knows he is going to regret. Hogan thanks her for the watch and says he has always wanted to be part of a power couple but this is an "amazing offer...for somebody else, not me, because I quit." He drops the mic and walks out of the ring.

Dixie stops him on the ramp but Hogan tells her to let him go. Dixie grabs his arm and gets on her knees and grabs Hogan's leg as he drags her along. Dixie finally lets go as Hogan leaves to the back. Dixie says she didn't want him anyway and that he is fired.

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