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KOTR Final Match: Big E Langston vs. Dean Ambrose
Big E is the type heel that garners support from the fans, and The Shield is always over. I'd actually prefer to see Langston vs. either Reigns or Rollins, but I have to try to stick to as closely to the current-day WWE as possible. Ambrose is the future of the company, and the current United States Champion. He's involved in the company's top angle, and he doesn't need a win here. Big E Langston survives Ambrose's onslaught (including some brutal heel work when the referee is down) to become the 2013 King of the Ring.

World Heavyweight Championship, Hardcore Rules: Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs. Rob Van Dam
Since this is my fantasy booking, I'm sticking with my actual Battleground prediction (reprinted ahead). Rob Van Dam captures the World Heavyweight Championship following a Van Terminator. His reign (and current WWE contract) are short lived, as Damien Sandow cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, obtaining a new personal ring announcer in the process. Damien and Ricardo Rodriguez stand tall on the stage to close the pay-per-view broadcast.

My main concern with this card is it having 10 matches on the pay-per-view broadcast. But this show is 180 minutes long, and with some good timing and an upbeat pace, this can be achieved. The angles that need to happen—The Rhodes Family winning their jobs back and RVD beating Alberto Del Rio—take place, we get a rare World Heavyweight Championship match in the main event, and a star is born in Big E Langston. We're already building Hell in a Cell with the mid-show tag team match, and the WWE even gets their E! Total Divas footage as part of the kickoff show. If you don't like having the Divas Champion in the Kickoff Match, one of the first round matches can be swapped out.

Moving forward from this card, I'd actually have Triple H campaign for Big E Langston to join his cause, leading to a "What will Big E do?" storyline that makes him out to be a big deal. Either direction can make him a bigger star, with a feud with Big Show following his decision. Don't like Big E Langston as King? Swap him with Antonio Cesaro, he was my second choice.

You might say this sounds like a glorified Raw, and that may be true. But that sounds better than what I'm hearing about Battleground! In comparison, I believe that this three week build would have provided plenty of time to prepare us for a 2013 edition of the King of the Ring—and that's best for business!

Official (and bold) WWE Battleground Predictions

Moving forward, you can expect a special edition of Best For Business the Friday before each pay-per-view. It will feature my pay-per-view predictions, as well as my thoughts on the build and any expected aftermath. I already did that in Tuesday's B4B, so I'll reprint it here. Missed Tuesday's edition? Then see it here, for the first time!

Hardcore Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs. Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam pulls off a crowd pleasing victory, capturing this first World Heavyweight Championship. This might seem to contradict the speculation that RVD is taking some time off, as well as the always expected Ricardo Rodriguez heel turn. It shouldn't. I'm also predicting a Damien Sandow Money In The Bank cash-in, and a victory that sees the revelation of a new personal ring-announcer for the savior of the unwashed masses.

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