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Divas Championship: AJ Lee (champion) vs. Brie Bella

AJ Lee is a great choice for Divas champion, but she has no competition in the division. Meanwhile, there's a Divas' reality show just begging for a champion. What better Diva to serve in that role than the one who is getting engaged on the program itself, Brie Bella. Brie Bella wins the Divas Championship, possibly even using Daniel Bryan's LeBell Lock in the process.

Kickoff Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

In another moment of self-disclosure, I'm in my 30's—which means I remember a time when the thought of a "Kickoff Match" brought about terrifying memories of the AWA Team Challenge Series. But I digress. This match could go one of three ways. The face in Dolph Ziggler could sell like crazy and go over in the end, making the online viewing audience happy and possibly snagging a few more pay-per-view buys. Or, Damien Sandow could steal a victory from the hands of "The Showoff," cutting a promo to tease his potential Money In The Bank cash-in. However, Sandow walking away in the middle of the match could lead to the same thing, and would be smart—which his character is. Out of my three potential ending two involve a Ziggler win. Dolph Ziggler wins the Kickoff Match.

Yes, of my first three pay-per-view predictions, the Kickoff Match is the same length of the other two matches combined.

The Shield of Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Of course, the stipulations around this match are that if The Rhodes Brothers win, they both get jobs in the WWE, and dear old dad Dusty Rhodes can keep his position as a trainer in the WWE Performance Center. A Rhodes' loss and all three family members are gone from the company for good. For good, in wrestling terms, is usually good for at least a month! There's no indication that the championships are at stake here, and Dusty will be in the corner with his sons. I see Dusty taking a Dean Ambrose bullet for his boys, allowing Cody Rhodes & Goldust to pick up the big win, securing their spots on the active roster.

CM Punk vs. Ryback

If you've been listening to The Greg DeMarco Show, and since I'm new here you may not have, you know that I fully expect the WWE to book CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman inside Hell In A Cell later this month. It's a nice payoff for this chapter in the Punk-Heyman saga, and another way for the WWE to use its famed structure in a blood-free era. That can be accomplished so many ways, but the path of least resistance is for CM Punk to fall to Ryback thanks to outside interference.

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (championship held in abeyance)

No, the WWE Championship hasn't been as big of a focus as it should be over the past three weeks. But in the three weeks from Battleground to Night of Champions, that will change. The Triple H/Stephanie McMahon manipulation of the roster is setting up to come to a chaotic head, and it think that peak happens on Sunday and bleeds over into Monday. I suspect some outside interference in favor of Randy Orton to bring out several key roster members (Dolph Ziggler, The Usos, Cody Rhodes) in favor of Daniel Bryan, leading to a chaotic brawl that ends the show and leaves us with a no contest—no winner, no WWE Champion. That allows the WWE to properly build the championship match at Hell In A Cell, where Daniel Bryan likely finally walks away WWE Champion, starting a competitive rivalry with CM Punk that can carry us until the Royal Rumble (Randy Orton can then focus on Cody Rhodes, if you're wondering).

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