Smackdown Results: Big Show Vs Shield And Orton, Bryan Stands Tall, ADR Vs Ziggler And More

Ryback is in the ring with Paul Heyman in his corner. R-Truth is out next and he does his typical rapping schtick. JBL joins in on the "What's Up" chants for some hilarious reason.

Ryback vs R-Turth

Ryback backs Truth into the corner but Truth fights back. Ryback powers him back into the corner but Truth fights out again and Ryback takes a breather outside of the ring. Heyman tells Ryback that Truth is a bully. Ryback gets back into the ring and knocks down Truth. Ryback declares that he hates bullies. Ryback goes for a press slam but Truth escapes and hits some right hands and a kick. Truth hits a missile dropkick for a two count.

Ryback gets up and hits a clothesline on Truth. Ryback says that Truth tried to bully him and hits the Shellshock for the three count.

Winner: Ryback

After the match Axel comes into the ring and hits a crappy clothesline on Truth. Axel talks smack to Truth and holds the IC belt right in his face.

Renee Young is backstage and asks Alberto Del Rio how he intends on facing RVD in a hardcore match. ADR says that he will use a trashcan to take out RVD, and then send him back to the garbage, where RVD belongs. An intern shows up and hands ADR a dented trash can. The intern says that it was a gift from RVD. ADR throws the trash can and storms away. Dolph Ziggler vs ADR is next.

We are back ADR makes his way down to the ring. They show the WWE's Youtube video of RVD's most extreme moments, which somehow still does not have any dislikes. Damien Sandow is at ringside doing commentary. Dolph Ziggler is out next as Damien Sandow is asked about facing Ziggler at Battleground.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler goes for a series of rollups but ADR cuts him off. ADR goes for a scoop slam but Ziggler foes for another rollup and ADR goes out of the ring. ADR gets back in and hits a series of headbutts to Ziggler. ADR goes for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Ziggler lands on his feet and hits a dropkick that sends ADR out of the ring. We then go to commercials.

We are back and ADR has a headlock on Ziggler and kicks him back down. ADR locks in a rear chinlock and Ziggler fights up to his feet and hits another dropkick. Ziggler tries to spear ADR but goes into the steel post instead. ADR hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Ziggler locks in another rear chin lock and once again Ziggler gets up. ADR sends Ziggler into the corner but Ziggler lifts him onto the apron. ADR climbs the bottom rope, but Ziggler hits a dropkick and ADR goes to the outside.

ADR hangs Dolph up on the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle. Ziggler runs up and hits a facebuster off the top rope. The ref counts both men and ADR and Ziggler get up and trade blows. ADR goes into the corner and gets hit with a splash and then 10 punches, follwed up with a necbreaker and a flying forearm. Ziggler goes for the Fame-asser but ADR counters it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. ADR climbs the top rope and leaps down but Ziggler picks him off with a dropkick which is good for a two-count.

Ziggler picks ADR up, but ADR hits a stabber to Dolphs shoulder and hits an enzughiri for a two count. ADR sits Ziggler up on the top rope and goes for a superplex. Dolph fights out and hits a sunset bomb for a two count. Both men get up and Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold. ADR runs Ziggler into the turnbuckle to break the hold. ADR climbs the second rope and hits a double stomp onto Zigglers back. ADR pulls down his knee pad and goes for a superkick, but Ziggler avoids it, but ADR hits him with the superkick for a two count. Ziggler goes for a ddt, but ADR rolls out into the armbreaker, but Ziggler slips out and hits the Fame-asser for a two count.

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