Smackdown Results: Big Show Vs Shield And Orton, Bryan Stands Tall, ADR Vs Ziggler And More

Ziggler goes for the ZigZag but ADR holds onto the rope. ADR hits a facebuster on Ziggler and locks in the cross armbreaker on Ziggler, who is forced to tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Thoughout the match the announcers plugged Sandow having the MITB briefcase and hype Sandow's ability to cash in his contract at anytime. We go to commercial.

We come back from commercial and the Three Man Band are in the ring. They show a promo from earlier today where Mahal and Slater talk about how Los Mataodres brought a bull into the ring. Los Matadores come out with their long intro, of course with El Torito.

Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater vs Los Matadores

Slater and one of the Matadores lock up and the Matadore takes down Slater with a couple of arm drags. Slater tags in Mahal and the Matadores gain the adavantage. Mahal gets hit with a frankensteiner and then gets hit with a double team slingshot forearm and then a splash from the top rope. Mahal fights them off and tags in Slater.

Slater hits a big kick to the face for a two count. Slater sends one of the matadores into the corner and he does the Ultimo Guerrero headstand and hits a hurrancanrana. They make a tag and the other matadore hits a double axe handel off the top. They hit their finisher and get the three count.

Winner: Los Matadores

After the match El Torito hit a springboard plancha onto Mahal and Slater.

Renee Young is backstage with Heyman, Axel and Ryback. Young asks Heyman about Axel's match and Heyman says that R-Truth will never be the IC champion. Heyman says that he is lucky that his name is not CM Punk. Heyman says that Punk will die a heroes death, and will fight to his last breath against a bigger, stronger opponent. Heyman says that after Battleground, Punk will never be able to threaten him, and that he will be Punk's lord, owner, master and he will be the best in the world. We then go to commercial.

We come back from commercial and Aksana is in the ring and looking damn fine (registered trademark to Ryan Clark). Brie Bella is out next and they hype Brie's title match sunday.

Brie Bella vs Aksana

Brie works over Aksana and hits a dropkick and then a knee strike. Aksana tries to get away and stops away on Brie. Aksana locks on a chinlock as the crowd sort of cheers Brie to her feet. Brie gets up but gets thrown back down by Aksana. Aksana beats down Brie and sends her into the corner. Nikkie gets the boot up and hits her facebuster on Aksana for the three count.

Winner: Brie Bella

AJ Lee comes down with Tamina and says that she is feeling inspired and that she has something special for Brie at Battleground. She says that she will do to her what Orton did to Bryan on Monday. She says that when Brie and Bryan have a baby, it will have a goatbeard. When the doctor sees the baby he is not going to spank the baby, but spank Brie instead. We then go to commercial.

We come back and Big E Langston is in the ring. They hype the WWE app and tell us how to install it again. Kofi Kingston is out next. They show a recap of the Wyatt's and Kofi from Monday.

Kofi Kingston vs Big E Langston

Big E comes out hot and beats Kofi down. Big E hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count and then a splash. Kofi fights out and gets the boot up in the turnbuckle. Kofi climbs up the rope and tries to hit a cross body but Big E catches him, but Kofi turns it into a rollup for a quick three count.

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