Best For Business: WWE Battleground & Raw Reaction, TNA's Youth Movement, More

The WWE needs to find that face, and find him now. I actually believe he's there, but that's another Best For Business for another time!

Quick Hits

- If AJ Lee is really out with a concussion, should the WWE Divas Championship be held in abeyance?

- I said last week that I was "in" after week one of Los Matadores and El Torito. Honestly, I can't say the same after week two. I already want to see something more, and I fear that this will get really old, really fast.

- If the WWE plays their cards right, The Cesaro Swing could accomplish for Antonio Cesaro what "YES! YES! YES!" accomplished for Daniel Bryan. While I don't see him as the face of the company, I do think that a big face run would likely lead to a heel run at the top. He's world championship material, that's for sure.

- The WWE did feel the need to give me reason to complain about Battleground after all! It's the fact that we two rematches, including a live in-person replay of Cesaro's giant swing on The Great Khali. No, those weren't signature moments on the pay-per-view, but they had no reason to cart them out the very next night. At least wait until Smackdown, or even next Monday's Raw.

- I'm almost glad the WWE didn't announce CM Punk vs. Ryback for Hell In A Cell. I don't care to see that rematch. It's time for Punk to get his hands on Paul Heyman, and if the WWE were smart they'd figure out a way to put those two in the Cell structure on October 27.

Closing Thoughts

Over the weekend, Matt Hardy married Reby Sky in what appeared to be a beautiful North Carolina wedding surrounded by family and friends. Props to them, as they seem to be a very happy couple. I hope Hardy knows how lucky he is—not just because she's one of the hottest women on the planet (and one who is 11 years younger than him), but because he found someone willing to stick with him through "the dark times" of his substance abuse. She's likely more to credit for his recovery than we'll ever know, and hopefully it sticks. As a man who celebrated 14 years of marriage back in May, I can't wish anything but the best for the happy couple.

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