Views From The Turnbuckle: Fixing The WWE's PPV Schedule

The first PPV I want to cut is the PPV in-between Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank. It has been represented under a variety of names, most recently Payback, but it always strikes me as an unnecessary show that the WWE just tries to jam in their to make some extra cash. There is no history here, so it is not like we are missing much.

The absence of a show in June allows to move on to the PPV in July. I think ideally this should take place on the second Sunday in July. It gives you another 6-8 weeks since Extreme Rules, which helps establish better feuds and matches. I also believe that this event should not be Money in the Bank. I love Money in the Bank, but I want to move it from this date for one reason: I want to bring back King of the Ring. Every WWE PPV is the same thing, a couple gimmick matches and matches for the titles and the WWE Championship in the main event. A one-night tournament will change things up. I think you can have the WWE Championship be defended and then the rest of the matches are part of the tournament.

To add some extra incentive, we can say that whoever is crowned King of the Ring will main-event Summerslam and challenge for the WWE Championship. Not only will this help KOTR, but it will also help inject some more prestige into Summerslam. One of the reasons Wrestlemania is so big is because the Royal Rumble helps hype it up. If Summerslam were to have an event to hype it up, it will certainly seem bigger. So, I think we should have King of the Ring in mid-to-early July and then Summerslam in late August.

Post-Summerslam is where I am going to be making the biggest changes. Instead of cramming together Night of Champions, Battleground and Hell in a Cell, we will only have ONE PPV event during that time. After Summerslam there will be another 6-8 week window before we hold Money in the Bank in early October. Money in the Bank is rapidly becoming one of the biggest wrestling events of the year, and out of all the gimmick PPVs the WWE has had, MITB has had by far the biggest success. A good amount of buildup for MITB will make it even better, build the feuds, have qualifying matches and set up much more anticipated MITB matches.

The rest of the year will go as planned, with Survivor Series in late November and TLC at the end of December to finish off the year. I think my plan is both an improvement over the current schedule, and it is also reasonable for the WWE to commit too. The WWE will go from twelve PPV events to nine, and hopefully the increased time allotted to build-up for the PPVs will make up for the loss of the three PPV events, that frankly where the biggest underachievers out of the PPV schedule anyways.

How would you set up the WWE PPV schedule? Would you leave it as is, or create a bunch of new events? Sound off below.

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