WWE NXT Recap: Aiden English Vs. RVD, Leo Kruger Vs. Antonio Cesaro, Mojo Rawley Debuts, More

WWE NXT Recap: Aiden English Vs. RVD, Leo Kruger Vs. Antonio Cesaro, Mojo Rawley Debuts, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro charges Kruger and hits a big dropkick. He kicks and strikes Kruger in the corner. Kruger battles back with chops. Kruger clotheslines Cesaro to the outside. He follows and slams Cesaro's head into the apron. Cesaro battles back with kicks to the gut, but Kruger slams Cesaro's head into the apron again. They head back into the ring briefly and Kruger stomps Cesaro. Cesaro rolls to the outside. Kruger gets out and puts Cesaro back inside with his head hanging over the apron. Cesaro pulls the apron skirt over Cesaro's face and headbutts him.

Things go back in the ring and Cesaro heads to the apron. Kruger tries to keep the attack up, but Cesaro drives his shoulder into Kruger's gut. Cesaro knees Kruger in the chest. He kicks Kruger in the head and double boot stomps Kruger in the chest. He then chokes Kruger with the bottom rope. Cesaro drops an elbow. He kicks Kruger in the upper back. Cesaro goes for a Suplex, but Kruger reverses into one of his own. Kruger lands multiple strikes. He kicks Cesaro in the corner. Kruger hits a Russian leg sweep.

Kruger drops an elbow and then whips Cesaro into the corner. Cesaro reverses and hits a European uppercut. He hits Kruger with another double boot stomp. Cesaro slams him to the mat and drops an elbow. Cesaro goes up top and Kruger stops him. Kruger climbs up for a superplex and hits it. Back from commercial and Kruger hits Cesaro with a dive as Cesaro is outside the ring. Kruger tosses him inside and hits a spine buster. Kruger goes for a clothesline, but Cesaro bails to the outside. Kruger follows and Cesaro tosses him into the ring steps.

Things head back inside and Cesaro tosses Kruger to the outside. Cesaro drops Kruger on the apron and rolls back inside as the ref counts. Kruger rolls back inside and Cesaro tosses him out again. Cesaro suplexes Kruger on the ramp and rolls back inside as the ref counts again. Kruger makes it back inside at 9 ½. Cesaro hits Kruger with lefts and rights and a series of uppercuts. He slams Kruger onto his back on the mat. Cesaro signals for the Neutralizer, but Kruger fights out. Kruger charges Cesaro, but Cesaro tosses him in the air and hits an uppercut.

Cesaro locks in body scissors with a rear chin lock. Kruger fights out, but Cesaro hits a big clothesline and the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, Cesaro goes up top and drops a knee on Kruger's face. He says We The People and leaves.

Charlotte (with Bayley) vs. Santana Garrett

They take turns tossing each other to the mat and working on each other's arm through a series of reverses. Charlotte whips Santana and charges, but Santana puts an elbow up. Santana drops Charlotte into the center turnbuckle and lands a snap mare. Santana kicks Charlotte in the chest for a two count. Santana hits a Russian leg sweep as Summer Rae and Sasha Banks come down to the ring. Santana has an arm bar locked in. Charlotte gets out and hits a pair of chops. Charlotte gets her splits, tripping, bridge pin thing for a near pin fall.

Banks gets up on the ring stairs and distracts Charlotte. Santana gets a roll up for a near pin fall. Charlotte picks Santana up on her shoulders, drops her face first to the mat and lets out the Flair WOOO! Charlotte hits a somersault cutter for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

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