TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Stands Tall, Big Star Returns, Hardy Vs. Aries

Result: No Contest

Tenay and Taz hype the upcoming tag match and we get a shot of Bully talking about a revenge match against AJ. He is on his way to talk about it right now, as we go to commercial.

We come back and Aces and 8's are fighting in the back. Knux is mad at Bully for their dwindling numbers. Bully turns it around on Ken Anderson and convinces them that it his fault for breaking them apart. Bully says that now he has the chance to get his revenge. He points at Knux and Garrett and says he wants them to take out AJ Styles, so it will be because of them Bully is going to come out on top.

We see Sting and Magnus talking in the back. They talk about their match and Sting talks about how big BFG is and Magnus says that it his biggest match of his career. They agree to focus on the match and to not think about the match.

We see EGO talking behind a curtain and Kaz and Daniels pop out. Kaz says that nobody gets into see the wizard and that they will see him when he is ready. We then go to commercial.

We are back and they hype tonight's matches and Kurt Angles return and his induction into the hall of fame.

Bad Influence comes down paradoying Dumb and Dumber with Kaz and Daniels wearing hideous suits. They step up to a podium and Daniels says that tonight the stars have aligned and Bobby Roode will be directed into the EGO Hall of Fame. Kaz says that their are a lot of fraudulent hall of fames, and that EGO is going to make things right. Kaz hypes Roode and says that he once got busy in a Tim Horton's bathroom and introduces Roode.

Roode comes down in a normal suit and sits down in a huge wooden chair. Daniels and Kaz unveil a portrait of Roode and Kaz says that he could write a novel about all of Roodes accomplishments, but instead he made him a video. We get a video package that is pretty hilarious as they totally gush over Roode. They take Kurt Angle's video package and just dub over "Kurt Angle" with "Bobby Roode" when the wrestlers are talking.

Daniels says that Roode deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because he is the longest reigning world champion in TNA history and asks Roode to step up to the podium. Roode steps up and thanks everyone. He says that he needs to thank two amazing individuals: Kaz and Daniels, Roode pretends to break down and says that without Kaz or Daniels EGO would never have taken place and that there is one more individual that needs to be recognized. An individual who without the passion, desire, heart and god given talent, EGO would never take place. The individual is himself, and Roode puts himself over.

Roode says that he is the man who is deserving of the HOF induction and not Kurt Angle, and that the only reason Kurt is being inducted into the HOF is because of the fans. He asks what has Angle done lately? Roode puts himself over and talks about carrying the company on his back, and what has Angle done? He asks where Kurt Angle is now and Angle's music hits and Angle comes down the ramp.

Angle takes off his shirt and Roode is going ballistic in the ring, Angle heads down the ramp with a mic. Angle says that he has been gone a little while and ask if Daniels and Kaz are Roode's girlfriends. He suplexes both Kaz and Daniels and tries to get the ankle lock on Roode, but Roode escapes. Angle announces that it will be Roode and Angle at BFG.

A number one contenders match for the KO's title is coming up next between Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher as we go to commercial.

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