Maria Talks Heat With Bellas And Kelly Kelly, Nixed WWE Return Details, TNA's Problems, ROH, More

Wrestling INC: You mentioned the acting projects you're doing. So you've got two movies coming out this year?

Maria: I have a movie coming out this year. I completed another film. I think it's coming out late this year, it might be the beginning of next year depending on how the first film release goes. Army of the Damned is the name of the first movie coming out. I'm in he SWAT team. I play a very bad ass chick, but you'll have to watch the movie. I can't tell you too much more about that. It's coming out in the end of October. It's going to be on Redbox. You'll be able to watch it on DirecTV. You'll be able to see it, I believe it's going to be on iTunes as well. It's going to be out there.

Wrestling INC: And the other movie's called A Bet's A Bet, right?

Maria: A Bet's A Bet, yes. And that's a compilation of a whole bunch of tremendous actors and actresses. So, I've been very blessed to do both of those films. I think people will be surprised with the second film, which I can't give you details but there's definitely a big surprise in there. But, I think I'm going to be filming a couple films with them next year. I like acting. I love creating. Someday I'd like to be a producer/director. So you never know. I'm not going to stop. I'm just going to keep on entertaining.

Wrestling INC: Do you have any other projects or anything that you'd like to plug?

Maria: Sure. I work for a company called It's a fantasy football league and you can compete against me. And if you win, you can get paid. It's awesome. Look it up. There's a video of me talking about Pay the Fan. It's easy. Even if you belong to another fantasy football league you can join this one as well.

We [recently] did the NOH8 Campaign and it was incredible seeing that all come together! This was something that I wanted to do for the last five months. I contacted them and said hey, would you want to do this. They said yes, of course. And so we were trying to figure out a good date to come together and do this. And then they came out. Tons of wrestlers did it. We had a great turn out during the day of just people coming in off the street to do the NOH8 Campaign. The photos were tremendous. You saw one of them on my Twitter and on the NOH8 Campaign Twitter as well. The guys were excited about doing it! I mean, Martini dressed up all in white. He looked like a million bucks. Other guys did it. I was wearing a white dress. All the people just came, creatively, to do these photos for a great cause. Ring of Honor is just so diverse and so loving. It was the perfect wrestling company to do it.

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