WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Rhodes Family Vs. Wyatt Family, Sandow Vs. Del Rio, More

Truth hits a scissors kick and goes for the pin, but Axel grabs the rope. Axel snaps Truth across the top rope. Axel hits his facebuster finisher for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Los Locales vs. El Matadores

It's a standard match where Matadores look good and do a lot of showy, flipping moves. El Local and his partner don't get much offense. El Matadores win via their double team move.

Winners: El Matadores

After the match, El Torito gets to attack El Local's partner.

Then, Michael Cole announces that Shawn Michaels was voted to be the special guest ref for the main event at Hell in a Cell. His speech from RAW is shown.

Back from commercial and a recap of R-Truth and Natalya visiting kids at a children's hospital is shown.

Brie Bella and the Funkadactyls vs. Natalya, Kaitlyn and Eva Marie

Natalya and Brie start things off. Natalya locks in a leg submission on the mat. Brie fights out and they exchange reversals. Brie hits a fireman's carry and locks in Natalya's arm. Natalya gets out, but Brie locks in a leg submission. Natalya gets to the ropes. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter, but Brie fights out. Eva gets tagged in. She goes to work on Brie's arm. Kaitlyn tags in and works on Brie's arm as well. Brie fights out and tags in Cameron.

Kaitlyn hits a body slam. Cameron gets a roll up attempt. Naomi gets tagged in. Kaitlyn hits the spear. Cameron hits Kaitlyn with a body slam. Every diva gets involved, interfering and then getting attacked. Naomi and Kaitlyn end up last in the ring. Naomi gets a quick pin for the win.

Winners: Brie Bella and the Funkadactyls

Renee Young is backstage with Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Cody says that they beat The Shield. They beat the odds. Goldust says it was an emotional night and thanks their dad. Cody says thank everybody because everyone was a Rhodes that night. Goldust says that their support led them to victory. Cody says that their match against the Wyatt Family is their welcome back.

Damien Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sandow takes the lead, being very aggressive. Del Rio gets the upper hand. He hits a snap mare and a kick to the back of Sandow's head. He locks in Sandow's head on the mat. Sandow comes back with a hip toss. He hits Del Rio in the head, on the mat repeatedly. Del Rio leaves the ring and grabs his belt. He starts to leave, but Sandow attacks him from behind and whips him into the apron. He rolls Del Rio back inside for a two count. Sandow rubs his knee against Del Rio's head.

Del Rio kicks Sandow in the chest. He hits Sandow with a dropkick in the corner. Del Rio goes up top and leaps off, hitting Sandow in the back of the neck. He locks in Sandow's head on the mat. Sandow gets to his feet, but Del Rio slams his head into the turnbuckle. Sandow backdrops him out of the ring. Sandow exits and tosses Del Rio back in. He drops a knee on Del Rio and then an elbow. Sandow hits a snap Suplex.

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