An excited but relatively small crowd at the Zayed Sports City Tennis Stadium.

- The Usos beat the Real Americans in an entertaining opening match. The Real Americans did a great job of getting the crowd into it.

- Sami Zayn beat Bo Dallas in a non-NXT title match, even though the ring announcer first said it was title match.. Dallas was the heel, with Zayn being the heavy fan favorite given his Arabic heritage and his greetings to the crowd in Arabic. Heeling it up, Dallas is the one who said it would not be a title match.

- Dean Ambrose defended his title by winning an entertaining triple threat match vs Kofi Kingston and the Miz. The crowd loved the Miz and Kofi, with Miz on the receiving end of "the Miz is Awesome" chants.

- Fandango beat Justin Gabriel, but without his dancing partner.

- The Big Show was a show-stealer and beat Tag Team Champs The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) in a handicap match via punch out. Prior to the match, RAW GM Brad Maddox told Show that he was given a one night contract to take on the Shield in Abu Dhabi.

- Santino Marella beat Brad Maddox, who fought to stop Marella and the local pizza sponsor from giving away free pizza. The Maddox loss meant that Santino would pass around some free pizza.

- A surprisingly popular Ryback (who asked the "Feed Me Morons" to stop cheering him and told the crowd his name was not "Rrry-beck") beat Dolph Ziggler in a great match. Both worked the crowd very well and put on a good show.

- In the main event, Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton in an "Abu Dhabi Street Fight" refereed by Booker T. The match was a fan choice match and the crowd opted for the street fight instead of a 2 of 3 falls match. Of course the Abu Dhabi Street Fight is basically the same as any other street fight. Both exchanged chair and kendo stick blows. Orton went through a table. The show ended with four kids, Booker T, and Daniel Bryan each doing a spinaroonie. The crowd seemed to love both Bryan and Orton.

Biggest crowd reactions to Daniel Bryan and the YES chants, the Big Show, Randy Orton, The Miz, Ryback, Sami Zayn, the Usos and Kofi Kingston.

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